Title: Blink (unbeta'ed)
Author: trancer, michkidd@earthlink.net
Rating: NC-17 for naughty bits between Helena and Barbara.
Pairing: Barbara/Helena
Category: First Time/ Romance / PWP
Date: June 28, '03
Archive: Sure, just sent me an email to tell me where it's going.
Summary: It's all in the eyes.
WARNINGS: The standards - f/f stuff, sex between two women of the same sex.

Disclaimers: "Birds of Prey" and characters are copywritten by Miller/Tobin Productions, Warner Brothers, DC comics et al. This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and  story are the property of the author.


Birds of Prey


Rage pumped through her system. White hot anger that caused her eyes to change, the blood to pump furiously through her veins. She paced back and forth. Hands clasped into fists, ready to do damage, ready for a fight. Just enough cognitive thought to temper her anger into the other way she knew how to fight, with words.

"You had no right, Barbara!" Helena hissed.

"I had every right!" The redhead hissed right back.

They battled back and forth. A war of words, each sentence, word, letter, playing stand-in for a physical strike. Lashing at each other. Helena would strike, Barbara countering with a blow of her own.

She shouldn't have been mad, Helena knew that. But, it was part of her temperament. A part of her genetic code, as ingrained and natural as the color of her hair. The part that craved battle, a fight. Exerting her will  over the enemy. Beating them into submission. With a flick of a look, Helena could send the strongest of men whimpering into the shadows. Even Harley Quinn, with all her bravura and insanity, had blinked.

With Barbara, it was with words. A fight nonetheless, a challenge Helena relished as if it were physical. She was good with words too. Except, Barbara was different.

"I mean it, Barbara." She charged towards the redhead. Placed her hands on the armrests, fingers digging into the material. "Quit pushing me, or I'll.."

"You'll what?"

It was different with Barbara because Barbara never blinked. Sure, she could look wounded, or stricken, maybe even hurt. But, she never blinked, especially in the heat of a fight. Like right now. Her green eyes were hot, enflamed with rage. Stared into Helena's icy orbs with the intensity of an emerald sun. That's why Helena baited herself into this, into picking a fight with Barbara. Because she wanted to make her blink. The one person who never backed down happened to be the one person Helena wanted the most. Because Barbara could do what no other person on this earth could.

Helena blinked.

Submitted to Barbara's gaze, proverbial tail tucking between her legs. She wasn't much for self-introspection. Didn't try to psychoanalyze why this turned her on as much as it did. That was her therapists job. Former, therapist, anyway. The heat was still there, but in a flash, had changed to something entirely different. Even as she hovered over the redhead, arms still clasped to the armrests, Helena could feel the heat zipping towards the center of her body. Could feel the blood pounding between her legs, flesh swelling with desire.

"You'll do what?" Barbara continued to push. Helena jerked away from the woman, arms defensively crossing against her chest.

"Stop it." Helena muttered.

"Stop what?" The heat still fired from Barbara's eyes. She knew she'd won the battle. It wasn't enough. She'd been attacked, without provocation. Pretty much without warning. The wounds were still fresh, stinging. The need for pay back still seared her veins. "C'mon Helena, what the Hell am I doing to you?"

"Stop making me want you!"

"I what?" Barbara gasped. Head too clouded with anger to truly comprehend Helena's words. "I'm making YOU want ME?"

Helena could feel the red flushing her face. She turned her back to the woman, body ready to flee.

Barbara reached out. Her hand whipped forward, grabbed Helena by the elbow, yanking her backwards. Faster and harder than either realized or intended. Helena, her back to Barbara, flopped onto Barbara's lap. Barbara snaked her arms around Helena, trapping the brunette in her arms.

"Let me go, Barbara." It was meant to be a demand, it came out like a whimper. She'd lost. Wasn't that enough?

"No." Barbara hissed in her ear. Felt the slight protestations in Helena's body. "I make you want me?" She nuzzled her nose next to Helena's ear. Voice barely above a whisper. "What about what you do to me, Helena?"

Helena slipped her tongue out, grazed it over very dry lips. "What do I do to you?"

Barbara moaned slightly. Turned on by the acquiescence in her arms. "Always hovering over me. Purring in my ear. Staring at me with your beautiful blue eyes. And your body." Her hands released their hold, began a journey across Helena's stomach. "Tight, lean, curves in all the right places. Flirting with me. Teasing me."

Barbara slid her fingers under the hem of Helena's shirt, slid upwards until she cupped the firm breasts in both hands. Helena arched at the contact, head resting on Barbara's shoulder. "All for you."

"Do you know how many nights I've dreamt of this, Helena?" She nibbled on an earlobe. Felt Helena shiver in her arms. "Having your body all to myself? Do you know what I wanted to do?"

Helena shook her head lazily. She felt the fingers on her breasts. Nipples captured between forefingers and thumbs. Streaks of pain as Barbara squeezed the erect nubs, pulled and twisted. Helena writhed under the touch. Moaned and panted. Wanting more. Then, as if knowing what she wanted more, the pressure released, delicate fingers massaging the pain away.

Helena turned her head towards Barbara. Saw the jade eyes staring at her, a different kind of heat gazing back at her. They both smiled, instinctively. Like everything else between them, knew what they wanted, what the other thought. The final wall between them tumbling down as their lips crashed together.

"Tell me more." Helena whispered.

"You wanna know about all the things I've wanted to do to you?" Barbara grinned seductively. Helena smiled, chewed on her lip surreptitiously. Could feel Barbara's right hand sliding down her stomach, fingernails scraping across her flesh. She hissed through clenched teeth.

The sound of leather and metal unclasping, unzipping, filled the air. Of cloth sliding down anxious hips. Helena wiggled out of her pants, kicked them across the room as Barbara pulled Helena's shirt up and over her body. Legs spread and folded over Barbara's, she again leaned back onto Barbara.

Barbara slid her hand lower. Played in the delicate curls, tickled and petted fur and flesh. Her eyes never left Helena's. Watched them dilate, glaze over through barely open eyelids. The black locks strewn across her face. The way the air exhaled in jagged breaths across kiss swollen lips. In a word breathtaking. And she wanted more. If it had been a calculated plan, making Helena want her, she'd have to pat herself on the back because the effect was more than she'd have ever imagined.

Fingers dipped lower. Danced lightly, teasingly across the wet swollen flesh. Moisture increasing with each delicate pass. Helena began to thrust her hips, demanding more pressure, more contact. Barbara pulled out of the touch, continued her gentle exploration. Parted the lips open. Felt Helena tremble as she grazed her fingernail over Helena's swollen clit. Then, she dipped her fingers lower, teased along the sensitive flesh of her opening.

"Barbara," Helena whimpered. "Please."

Barbara growled, slid her finger inside. Smooth, wet walls clasped around her, releasing another series of trembles in Helena's body. Her other hand, still clasped around Helena's breast, continued massaging, kneading the flesh between playful tweaks of the erect nipple.

Helena reached her arm up, snaked it over Barbara's shoulder. Fingers threading into crimson locks, grabbing Barbara's hair, pushing their faces, their lips together. Mouths open, tongues sliding across each other, tasting, touching, consuming. Helena purred into the searing kiss, body writhing on Barbara's lap.

Barbara whispered huskily over Helena's lips. "Tell me what you want?"

Helena licked her lips. Words trapped behind a wall of desire, clouding her senses.

"Tell me what you want?" She pulled her hand from Helena's breast, threaded it into the dark locks. Pulled her fingers tighter, gripping Helena's hair. Tighter. Harder. Pulled Helena's head back until her neck strained and a whimpered sigh escaped her throat. Barbara's voice a husky whisper blown into Helena's ear. "Tell me."


Barbara growled, took possession of Helena's mouth with her own. Slid another finger inside her wet heat, then another. Until the body in her arms jerked. Thumb pressing against Helena's clit, she thrust her fingers,followed the frenzied pace of Helena's hips, a wild cat bucking in her arms.

The world faded away. A black canvas peppered with tiny fireworks played behind her eyes. Muscles tensed. Body dancing to a primal rhythm, grinding, pumping, thrusting. Helena gave in to the heat. To it all. To Barbara. She purred as she felt Barbara's fingernails scraping against her scalp, demanding her attention.

"Open your eyes." The husky voice commanded. "I want to see you. I want to see you come."

The words sent a shiver down Helena's spine. Lazily, she opened her eyes. Another shiver from the dark carnal gaze peering at her. Ratcheted the tension within her tighter. She thrust her hips harder, faster. Back of her head digging into Barbara's shoulder as she arched, one final spasm, one last scream as the coil snapped.

Barbara continued her ministrations. Massaged gently, riding the fading tremors. Helena chuckled lightly. Barbara kissed her on the forehead. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Helena murmured. "Just wondering what took you so long?"

"I wanted to see if you could make me blink."

"You did, huh?" The energy came back. Quick and fast like lightening. The challenge hovered in the air. Called to Helena. She shifted, rolled over until she hovered over Barbara. Her hand went to Barbara's face, caressed the strong features that had claimed her heart so many years ago. "I'm gonna do more than just make you blink, Barbara."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really." One arm slid under Barbara's legs, the other behind the redhead's back. In an instant, she was in her arms. Mouths clamped together as she carried the woman into the bedroom. Kicked open the door. They fell onto the bed.

Helena straddled Barbara's hips. Fingers on her belt as Barbara worked towards removing her shirt.

"Oh God." Helena groaned.


"You're doing it again." Barbara stared at her curiously. "That tongue thing you do. You know, where you stick your tongue in the corner of your  mouth."

"You mean this?" Barbara slowly poked the tip of her tongue into the corner of her lips. Helena could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on edge. It was just something the woman did, an odd personality tick. Now, she knew it was more than subconscious. It was deliberate. All these years it had turned Helena on. All these years, Barbara had done it on purpose. She growled seductively. Barbara chuckling softly as Helena claimed her mouth once again.

"You are such a fucking tease." Helena smiled. Pinned Barbara's hands to the bed with her own, their bodies pressed against each other. "You're gonna pay for that."

"God, I hope so."

Helena grabbed one of the pillows. Yanked off the pillow case.  Quickly tore it into thick strips. Helena lifted the woman into her arms for another kiss. Simultaneously, gathered the pillows under Barbara's back so the woman reclined at an angle on the bed. Then, using the cloth strips, bound the woman's wrists to the metal frame. Watched as Barbara pulled at the restraints, loose enough not to cut off circulation, but strong enough to where she'd need assistance if she wanted cut loose. Just how Helena wanted her.

"You bad girl." Barbara rose an eyebrow, a smile stretched across her  lips.

"I told you I was gonna make you pay." She straddled Barbara's hips, looking down to admire her handiwork. The smooth, lithe body below her covered in a light sheen of sweat. Soft, firm breasts accentuated by pink erect nipples. Helena grazed her fingernails across the feather soft skin. Heard the soft spasm in Barbara's lungs.

"So," Helena lightly scraped her fingernails around the areolas. "I make you want me, huh?"

Barbara hissed as she nodded. Sucked the corner of her lip into her mouth, sucking on it. Helena, not satisfied with the answer, grasped both nipples between forefingers and thumbs, gently rolled the nubs until a groan escaped Barbara's throat and her back arched at the touch.

"I didn't hear you? Do I make you want me?"

"God yes."

"Don't move. I'm not done punishing you."

Helena leaned down. Her face hovered over Barbara's. She stared into the emerald eyes now glazed over with desire. Began a trail of kisses, started at the top of each eye, then worked her way down. Slowly, lightly, caressed Barbara's face with her lips. She'd often had dreams where she scooped the older woman into her arms and ravished her until they were both spent. This time, she wanted to go slow. To savor every moment, every taste, every sensation.

Danced her lips over Barbara's. Felt the heated rush of breath escaping Barbara's mouth. Moved lower, kissed across the delicate line of jaw, until she reached an earlobe where she suckled expertly.

Torture. That's what Barbara thought. Helena was torturing her. Slowly, exquisitely. Could feel the warmth of Helena's body hovering over her. The graze of erect nipples skipping across her breasts. And Helena's lips. They were doing wonderful things to her flesh. She wanted to return the touch. To feel Helena in her grasp.

Helena reached up, clasped her hands around Barbara's wrists.

"No." She stated firmly, staring, once again, into Barbara's eyes. "It's my turn. Understand?"

All Barbara could do was nod.

"Watch me." Helena returned to kissing Barbara's flesh, her eyes never leaving the redhead's. Moved down Barbara's neck. Traced the valley of her breasts with her tongue. Had dreamed of this moment. But, never like this. Where Barbara's pupils were so dilated they were green rimmed orbs, or the ragged heaving of her chest, or the heady scent from between her.

Helena traced the edge of an areola with her tongue. Sucked the erect nub into her mouth, teased it with the metal stud. With her other hand, she kneaded Barbara's breast. Alternated between the two, suckling and kneading, kneading and suckling. All while keeping her eyes glued to Barbara.

One day, Barbara decided, she'd have to ask Helena where she learned this. One day, when her lips could form words again and her vocal cords worked. Now, all she could do was stare, and moan. Amazed at the strange sounds coming from her own body. At the once dormant sensations the brunette stirred within her. She could feel the tension coiling in her belly, the heat and wetness building between her legs.

"Helena," She groaned. "Please."

The smile that stretched across Helena's lips sent a bolt of electricity across Barbara's body. Helena moved up until they were eye level again. She edged herself between Barbara's legs. Barbara watched as Helena brought a hand to her mouth, sliding two fingers between her lips. Then slid her hand between Barbara's legs. Her eyes were soft, gentle.

"Tell me when."

Barbara wanted it so much. So badly. The realization of what was about to occur like a sudden chill during a heat wave. This was the worst part. To be so close to the edge. And then she felt it. The tiniest sensation.

"There." Barbara gasped. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't much. But it was much more than she ever expected and Barbara reached for it. Sent everything she had to that one spot. Groaned at the shivers of sensation rippling through her body. Her eyelids snapped shut.

"No," She heard Helena's voice whisper in her ear. "Open your eyes. I wanna see you."

Barbara did as commanded. Turned her head until they were face to face. Tilted her head up until their lips connected. They groaned into each other's mouths, breathed for each other. Their bodies slickened with sweat. Helena continued her ministrations. Writhed over Barbara. Pressed every inch of available flesh against her.

Barbara blinked at the tears welling in her eyes. She could feel. Feel the tingling, tightening sensation in her belly. A twisting, coiling snake of energy. Her back arched. Arms yanked at the restraints. Tiny earthquakes rattled inside her until her entire being quaked. No longer able to keep her eyes open, the slid shut. A thousand fireworks exploded beneath the black canvas. Head thrown back, a garbled cry escaped her throat.

The last of her energy spent, Barbara collapsed onto the mattress. Could still feel Helena untying the restraints around her wrists. Arms and legs tangled together, snuggling next to each other. Soft laughter filled Barbara's ears. She opened her eyes to see Helena smiling at her.

"What are you giggling at?"

Helena propped her head up onto her hand, smiling triumphantly down at the older woman. "I made you blink."

"No," Barbara smiled coyly. "I think that qualified as a half blink."

"No way. That was soo a blink."

"Not as big as yours. Besides, I bet you can't make me do it again."

"Oh, you bet do you?"


"And what if I blink first?" Helena rolled the two until she was on top. Pressed her lips again, letting them linger, feeling the heat slowly build again.

"Then we'll just have to start all over again."