Title: Dirty Girls and Dental Dams
Author: North, hollye@sympatico.ca
Pairing: (B/H)
Rating: NC-17 BOOYA!

Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters. the use of therabands however is mine all mine,g>


acknowledgements:  This is for Quire and Xegas and their hilarious discussion on dental dams and fic challenge. I admit there's not a lot of humour, but there are latex and sex. Also, acknowledgements to A. for the spearmint...I can't remember who mentioned the vanilla and strawberry dams (Teresina?), and I stole a quote from Shatterpath, hope you don't mind.

WARNING: This is a story for the porn wars. Compared to my first story this one is much more 'porny', there is no plot whatsoever. It also involves explicit sex, naturally, dental dams, dildoes are mentioned, people are tied down, anal sex is involved and there is even dirty talk! So read at your own risk, you have been duly warned.

little warning: so not beta'd


Barbara Gordon was hot. She was sweaty. She was definitely straining, flexing her upper body.

She was also wondering where the heck Helena was, leaving Barbara alone to do the painting all by herself. After all, the wall in the far wall of the clock tower has needed a liberal brush of paint applied for some time. It wasn't going to get done all by itself.

A low voice purred seductively into her ear, making her jump. "Someone's been a very, very dirty girl."

Barbara tried to suppress the shivers that voice did to her. She turned her head to glare at a perfectly composed Helena, leaning over her chair, smiling cheekily at her. "What are you talking about?" she asked her, rather peeved. And hot.

Helena stepped back and strolled in front of her. She gave Barbara a very thorough once over with her eyes gleaming with wicked thoughts. "You're covered in paint," was all she said while her tone suggested much more.

Barbara looked down at herself, and was instantly disgusted at her state. She had dark violet paint in a free for all pattern over her entire body. She cursed. "I guess I better take a shower."

Hands on hers, stopped her.

"What?" She asked, growing increasingly uneasy at the intense look in Helena's gaze.

"I don't think you need a shower just yet."

"Really?" Barbara responded sarcastically. "And why on earth not?"

Helena leaned in, "Because I like dirty girls." And then kissed Barbara, completely possessed her mouth. Her tongue conquering the older woman's with skill and determination.

Barbara pulled away gasping, "What's gotten into you?" Barbara was well aware of the attraction between them but had long ago resigned it to better left behind, untouched. Now, here was Helena, and her gaze promised a lot more than a touch.

"What's gotten in to me?" Helena gave her the most carnal smile, doing things to Barbara's body by that sight alone. "I'm hoping you will be in a little while. Your whole hand working itself into my tight, wet, core, fisting me with all the strength your arms can give, making me howl for you as I come."

Helena traced Barbara's lips with her tongue, a hand sneaking in to rub a thumb along those now wet lips. "I want all of you Barbara. I'm tired of waiting for you to act first. I want to make love to you and have you weep[ from the pleasure of it."

Barbara stared at her, eyes wide, breath ragged.

Helena tilted her head to one side, regarding her prey. "All you have to do is say yes."

Barbara was sure this was some dream brought on by paint fumes but either way, it would be a very cold day in Hell before she backed down from that offer. "Yes."

Helena graced her with a ravishing smile before sweeping her up in her arms and carrying her to bed. Laying her there to cover her body with her own, mouth, hands and teeth everywhere. Barbara pulled Helena in for a particularly lusty kiss, swirling her tongue around the metal piercing in Helena's tongue. She pulled away showing Helena a pirate's smile, filled with the promise of conquest.

"I always wanted to know what that would feel like." Barbara admitted.

Helena arched a brow at her tussled lover to be. "Anything else you want to feel?"

"Hell yes." Barbara growled, grabbing fistfuls of Helena's baby tee and ripping it clean off of her body.

Both of Helena's eyebrows rose. "Dirty and demanding. I like."

"Glad you approve." Barbara said in the smokiest voice Helena's ever heard. It did things, very naughty things to her already raging hormones.

Helena growled in earnest, "Baby, I'm Godzilla and you are Japan!" And dove for the woman beneath her.

Barbara laughed at Helena's exuberance. Than she moaned loud and long as skilled hands tore she shirt off and even more skilled tongue and moth attacked her breasts. She hadn't ever imagined that Helena's tongue piercing would feel that hot rubbing on her erect nipples while Helena sucked hard on her breast.

Her upper body curled around that mouth while she tangled hands in Helena's short, dark hair. "Harder." she implored.

An answering moan vibrated along her sensitive flesh as Helena did exactly what she asked, what she needed. The friction from teeth, tongue and metal combined with the hard suckling was driving Barbara insane with want.

The nails raking her sides wasn't helping her keep control. No, not at all. She arched into those hands and Helena's mouth even more, whimpering in her need.

Helena pulled herself away reluctantly, "Your toys, where?"

Barbara frowned at having to try to think. "Toys? What, you don't mean dildos or anything like that, do you?"

Helena's throaty chuckle raised the hair on Barbara's arms even as it further tightened things lower in her body. "Barbara, I want hands and tongue, not some plastic phallus...though it would be a fun idea next time."

Next time. So there might be a next time. And just the thought of Helena having her way with her, yes, Barbara was quite decisive now. "What do you need?"

"What have you got?"

"I don't really keep..toys. There's stuff in my bed side drawer."

Helena leaned over her body, causing a sensual friction of skin on skin that made them both moan. She grabbed what she saw in the drawer and sat up crouched above Barbara. She held the green and red rubber bands up curiously.

"Therabands." Barbara supplied helpfully.

"For your physio," Helena nodded knowingly. "The green ones are lighter resistance, the red the harder, tighter ones right?"


Helena grinned and gave Barbara a deep throated kiss before leaping off the bed. "Stay right where you are. These just gave me an idea."

With that, she left the room. But it wasn't more than a mere handful of wanton breaths from Barbara before she returned with something in her hands. A bunch of something.

Barbara peered at her offerings. They looked like the same latex as her therabands but they were small squares. "Dental dams?"

Helena wickedly leaned in a took a quick rake of Barbara's extended nipples with her teeth. Her smile widening at Barbara's gasp and arching back. "They're even flavoured; strawberry, vanilla, and spearmint."

Barbara laughed at that. "Spearmint? Wow, get your girl off And freshen your breath!"

Helena laughed in surprise at the joke. "I was going to go for the vanilla and the strawberry myself." Helena crawled onto the bed on up over Barbara's body.

"Two?" Barbara asked, even as she helped Helena remove her pants and vice versa.

Helena paused after she threw the rest of the clothes on the floor, taking in the visual of a naked, sweaty, paint smeared, very aroused Barbara beneath her spread, kneeling legs.

"You're beautiful." Helena breathed. "Ravishing in fact." She kept the two dental dams in her hand while she renewed her assault on Barbara's skin.

"But two?" She gasped as Helena found a particular sensitive part on her stomach.

Helena raised her head to look up the length of Barbara's body, her own face flush. "I told you I wanted to hear you weep for want of me. I meant it."

She then proceeded to show Barbara how much she meant it, licking, sucking and biting every inch of vulnerable flesh. She listened as Barbara's breathing grew more and more harsh with each new onslaught, when she added pinching her nipples she was rewarded with a snarl from the normally reserved woman.

"Helena, I can't take much more." came the ragged command.

Helena knelt between Barbara's prone legs, seeing the wet, glistening flesh taunting her to take in those arousing scents with her tongue, to twirl that throbbing bundle of nerves with her tongue, pinch it delicately with her teeth..She took a deep breath, closing her eyes to regain control. She caught Barbara's hot green gaze, watching Helena's every movement. Helena raised the first dental dam up to her mouth and gave it a slow, long lick, her eyes never leaving Barbara's. Barbara groaned as if She could feel the action on her actual sex.

"Hmm, vanilla." Helena said. She careful stuck the other dam over the wet spot to make them stick together. "I like strawberry better."

She then lowered her body and the dams slowly over Barbara's swollen, wet centre. She carefully placed the double dam over Barbara's flesh, sliding it up and down slowly. Delighting in the tortured groans issuing from Barbara as She used just her hand over the latex to explore every crease and fold. When She rubbed directly over the enlarged clit, Barbara's hands clamped down on her head, pushing and pulling her. "Please Helena," Barbara sobbed. "Now."

Using her hands to hold the latex firmly in place, Helena lowered her mouth onto the flavoured material, knowing full well the double barrier would muffle the stroking sensations of her tongue, teasing her lover relentlessly. Soon, Barbara was sobbing and yelling for more, harder, now. Helena was more than happy to obey. She slid her mouth up and with the latex covering, took in Barbara's pulsing clitoris, sucking as hard as She could, letting the vacuum like sensation engulf the woman beneath her. She felt Barbara's body shaking beneath her, her cries increasing. As Barbara grew closer to being pulled over the edge, Helena rubbed her piercing over the engorged nub as hard as She could through the latex. The effect was instantaneous.

Barbara had never felt anything like this, the teasing friction, than the hard suction combined at the end with the hard object rubbing against her most sensitive part shook her whole body. She came, from her toes to the roots of her hair She came. She could feel cum gushing past the edges of the latex as Helena kept milking her of every sensation, every tremor her body could give until She was a limp form lying underneath Helena.

She felt Helena release her tender flesh to rise up and rest upon her body, giving her a soft, yielding kiss full of tenderness.

Helena rested her head on Barbara's shoulder. She had the most beatific smile Barbara had ever seen.

"I've wanted to do that since forever." The dark haired woman confessed.

Barbara smiled and kissed her back, tasting strawberry and a hint a vanilla on Helena's tongue. "It was worth the wait."

She gave them a few moments to caress ad hold each other, but there were needs still laying in wait to be sated. She gently urged Helena off of her body.

"What's wrong?" Helena protested.

"Nothing." Barbara responded with the most vixen look Helena had ever seen on the woman. Any woman. "But I recall you saying you wanted my hand inside you, fucking you with my fist."

AT the words alone, Helena's eyes changed into vertical slits of primal want. "Yes." She affirmed, the word breathy.

Green eyes promised her everything, and Barbara's voice, intimate with sex, only amplified the arousing effect She was having on the younger woman. "Put you arms up over your head. Wrists together."

Helena didn't question but obeyed in earnest. She was surprised at Barbara taking her wrists and lashing them together with the lengths of rubber. Barbara checked the professional knots, testing them. She then tied the ends to her headboard. After, She surveyed the prone form of Helena Kyle.

"It's not like dental dams can hold me." Helena said.

"I used the red ones. Go ahead, pull on them."

Helena did. And to her dismay and growing excitement, She found that they stretched but didn't break. She would have to bust up the headboard before She could get her arms free.

Barbara arched a crimson brow at her, "Satisfied?"

"Oh, yes." And their was such a pure look of desire on her face, Barbara tossed out her notion of taking things more slowly. She needed to take this woman, to have her right now.

Barbara pulled a green band out and laid it across Helena's stomach and between her legs. "Roll over."

Helena did as She was commanded, wondering what the enigmatic woman was up to. She didn't have to wait long as She felt the one green end that was past her hip taken in hand, than the other between her legs, and then Barbara pulled back and forth, rubbing the material all along Helena's heated flesh. Including, much to Helena's surprise and delight, sliding and rubbing the material between her ass. The feel of the material rubbing against her clitoris, her outer lips, her opening and along her anus was causing her to writhe on the bed helplessly as She pulled at the restraints and growled at Barbara to hurry, take her, fuck her. Anything, as long as it was Barbara and more and now dammit!

Barbara complied, but not in the manner Helena had anticipated. The first touch of Barbara's tongue through the theraband on her small anal pucker took her completely by surprise. The second probing lick caused her to moan loudly, wanting even more the feel of Barbara inside her. Barbara didn't give in right away. Her tongue pushed the itself and the latex in that tight orifice, causing Helena to squirm and whimper at finally being penetrated even partially, even there.

Barbara explored, pushing the tip of her tongue in and out, to the same throbbing pulse She could feel on her hand as She cupped Helena's sex. Helena mewled openly at the touch and the feel of Barbara's tongue. The dual onslaught driving her insane. She would either scream in frustration or orgasm. Right now She wasn't sure which.

That's when fingers slid inside of her.

This time She did cry out, thrusting her hips back on to the hand. But it was only two fingers which quickly became three much to Helena's gratitude. But not her relief. Barbara was careful, moving her fingers in and out, pushing them in as far as She could, putting as much of herself in her lover as She could, working her way in. Helena was so wet and aroused that it didn't take long to slide a fourth finger in, than with some further stroking, make in part of Barbara's thumb and more of her full hand. Barbara continued to push her hand in, slowly thrusting herself in and out and back in to the woman beneath her.

Helena's increasing cries played havoc on Barbara's own senses. She rested her side between those long, lithe legs, her head laying on the sweet curve of Helena's ass. Using more muscle, She pushed through, Helena taking in the entire hand.

They both sobbed at the sensation.

Feeling Barbara so full inside her, Helena was overwhelmed with sensation. She was hyper aware of each pull almost out of her, She was so cognizant of every turn of the hand as it thrust back inside her. She felt so blessedly full. It felt like She would explode.

In only moments more, She would.

She screamed as She came, pushing herself down on Barbara's hand, writhing on the bed as She screamed a second time into a pillow. An unexpected touch of a second hand pinching her clit sent her into a third orgasm. She felt like an avalanche, falling, falling, coming apart form every inch of her body.

Chest heaving, catching her breath, She moaned as Barbara slid her hand out of it's pulsing glove of wet flesh. Soon, Barbara slid up Helena's body, undoing the bands holding Helena. They both chuckled as Helena's arms fell limply where they lay. She did however, mange to muster the energy to snuggle into the deliciously naked body next to her. She nuzzled red hair and kissed those sensual lips, delighting in Barbara's answering ministrations of hands caressing her and mouth claiming Helena's.

They pulled away, staring at each other amazed. Than they laughed.

"Definitely worth the wait." Helena said, leaning in for more, thinking she would never tire of the feel of Barbara's kisses or the sensation of her naked body in her arms.