title:  Dirty Girls and Dental Dams: The Sordid Sequel
author:  The Naughty Northern Beastie (North's evil cousin)
rating:  NC-17
pairing:  B/H

disclaimer:  I own nothing. No harm intended, no profit made.

thanks:  To SH, who just proved she'll beta anything for me ,';P Thank you!

A/N: Why a sequel? This came about for many reasons. Because people were so fun about the first story, because I got called a stroppy lass which still makes me laugh and I want to live up to the name! Because a reader asked for dildos next time and I agreed. Because I thought what on earth could be better than one dental dam story but two. And of course, because I love a slutty submissive Helena and am firmly convinced of the evil vixen ways of a very hot, sexy red head.

*****WARNING WILL ROBINSON! WARNING!!**********************

The following not only contains at some point scenes of graphic sex, it also includes masturbation, dirty talk, the words fuck and cock, dildos, role playing, leather, NO Dinah, two women having really hot sex and of course, read the title, latex is involved though very differently than in the first story and not very much in this first part. I feel I must add that though latex is involved, safe sex not really happening here. This is a plotless smutty smut smut fic! Expect no finesse and only lusty hormones and at first, a little verbal foreplay <evil grin>

Dedication: This is for you Quire, for having the wonderful sense of humour to put the original challenge up in the first place, and for your fun, supportive comments when I took the risk and answered it! This is for you ! Feel special, preen and strut. Dance! Hope you enjoy,;)


It was a dark and dull night.

Extremely dull.

Maddeningly boring.

Helena decided in fact, as she jumped the latest rooftop, that it was one of the most boring sweeps sheís ever had. And it was beginning to really piss her off.

"Youíd think at least one criminal would be out to commit a crime. At least snatch an old ladyís purse! This is New Gotham after all. We have a scumbag reputation to uphold, and where is the effort I ask you?"

"Aw," drawled the voice over her comm, "is big, bad Huntress feeling deprived of a little ass kicking?"

Helena snarled softly in response.

The voice chuckled, "Poor Huntress, all worked up and no one to take it out on."

"Give me a few minutes Oracle, and Iíll gladly take it out on you." Helena suggested with a very different promise than ass kicking in her voice.

"Actually, according to the GPS, youíre over 20 minutes away."

"But Iíll get there and then youíd better watch out Red." Helena put all the menace her frustration could conjure into her voice.

"Well Godzilla, I was Japan once," the voice taunted, "what do you propose? You be the Loch Ness monster and I be Scotland?"

Helena laughed at that, she couldnít help it. Dammit Barbara could always wind her up six ways Ďtil Tuesday. "We could switch. I could be Canada and you could be Bigfoot." She smirked, waiting for the indignation.

Barbara didnít disappoint, "Hey! Is that a crack about the size of my feet?"

"Oh no Oracle," Helena purred, "I would never complain about the size of your...feet."

Spluttering could be heard over the comms. Then, a long silence. Helena began to worry. "Uh Oracle? You there still? I was just razing you."

"Iím here, just needed to do something." Barbara answered reassuringly but there was something else in her voice, something that raised the hairs on Helenaís arms but she couldnít place why.

Then Helena heard it, the sound of latex being stretched. The curses of having sensitive hearing. "Oracle, what are you doing?"

"Itís a slow night. And I feel charged up. I thought I should do my physio since I havenít done it yet tonight." Again, sounding fine, but there was this undercurrent beneath, something with more heat. Something waiting to pounce.

"Youíre using therabands?" Helena asked, her mouth suddenly dry. The idea of Barbara and the length of latex immediately made her wet. Sheíd developed quite the fetish for the stuff now, since their night playing with it and the many nights since.

"Of course," Barbara answered smoothly. "You know itís funny, I canít do physio with these without thinking of you."

Helena veered and started back to the Clock Tower. What had Oracle said, over twenty minutes? "Thatís not surprising. When you use them I think of you."

"As soon as I use them," the voice says, silkily, slyly. "I get wet, wanting you."

Now Helena recognized what the tone was in Barbaraís voice. Arousal. And a wicked timber to her tone.. She was up to something. Helena was about to say something when a wanton sigh over the comm made her stop dead on the rooftop she was crossing.

"What are you doing?" Helena asked instead.

"I canít help how you make me feel," Barbaraís voice teased as it lowered in arousal. "I have to take care of my needs and you wonít be here in time to do it now. And I need it now."

"Iíll be there top speed!" Helena promised, eyes wide.

"Oh I know you will, but this is just to get you warmed up." A moan came over the comm.

"Youíre touching yourself?" Helena remained frozen where she was, a myriad of overwhelming signals traversing her body at the thought of Barbara alone in the clock tower touching herself. Masturbating.

"Oh yeah," Barbaraís voice sighed, "Iím kneading my breasts, pulling on the nipples hard like you do to me. It drives me crazy."

Hearing that, Helena went crazed with her own desire. "What else you doing?"

"Iím so hot for you already, Iím sliding my hand down into my pants."

Helena swallowed audibly. "And now?"

A long moan, "Iím so wet for you. I wish you were here to go inside me. Iím circling my clit thinking of your tongue and what you do to me."

The next sound was a moan so erotic that it gripped Helena with a surge of primal desire.

"You came." Helena growled wantonly, her body on fire.

"Yes," Barbara sighed, "and now Iím going off comm to finish my work out."

A click and then nothing.

"Oracle?" Helena spoke directly into her mike.



Helena snarled, beginning her race over rooftops like a thing in flames.


Fifteen minutes later, Helena strode silently into the clock tower in search of her prey. As usual, Barbara had been working with the lights low, the green and blue illumination of the Delphi lighting the place dimly. No Barbara was there however. Frowning, Helena stalked around the place, dropping her duster on the floor. Quickly spied the empty chair by the couch. And then the figure sitting on the furniture, her target in question.

"That was a cruel thing to do Barbara," Helena ground out, wet, hot and extremely frustrated. "I oughta-"

She stopped, not sure what she ought to do or not to do. Or even say. Barbara was sitting on the couch, fully clothed. She had her worn jeans on, barely seen under her riding chaps. A white tank graced her toned frame but was partially obscured by the motorcycle jacket. Her boots were also on. Her hair hung loose and framed her face in lengths of crimson. Jade eyes burned into Helena. But it wasnít any of that made Helena gape in lust.

It was the visible bulge between Barbaraís legs, straining at the restricting jeans..

Helena swallowed, "Thatís new."

Green eyes gleamed with wicked thoughts. "I told you I wanted to finish my work out. I thought Iíd finish it with you. You got here in record time by the way. I think you should get a reward."

With deft speed, Helena was kneeling between those legs and looking up needily into eyes that claimed her whole. "What do I get as a reward?" Her hand strayed, rubbing softly at the bulge between Barbaraís legs.

Barbara arched her back slightly as the touch rubbed the phallus against her sex. "What would you like?"

"Anything you want." Helena said needy, wanting.

Helena watched as an elegant hand rose and caressed the side of her face lovingly. Fingers moved to trace and tease her parted lips. Then she watched as the hand moved down Barbaraís body and hypnotically opened one button of Barbaraís fly at a time. Slowly. When Barbara was done, in one smooth motion she pulled her self out, she pulled out a thick, long length of flesh coloured silicone dildo.

Transfixed, Helena was already panting by the time Barbara spoke again, her hand sliding up and down the phallus realistically.

"Want to suck me off?" Barbara said in the quiet of the clock tower, only their heavy breathing permeating the room.

Helena ripped off her own shirt. Nude from the waist up, she lowered herself between Barbaraís legs, towards that hand and what it held.

A light tap on the shoulder stopped her. She looked up askance at the possibility of being denied but Barbara silently held out a package to her. Smiling, Helena took it and ripped open the package, taking out the ribbed condom. Watching Barbara carefully, she rolled it over the dildo slowly. Agonizingly slow. To her delight, she watched the excitement mount in Barbaraís face, the perspiration gather at her neck, the hands now on either side of the couch tightening their grip.

Helena held the condom once it reached the open fly of the jeans. She held it at itís base and in one long movement, her eyes trained on Barbaraís, she took Barbaraís cock into her mouth. Their gazes locked as she sucked on Barbara, manipulated the base with her hand, moved her mouth off just enough to circle the tip with her tongue, rubbing her tongue over it suggestively. Barbara groaned at the sight, inflamed by the show. Helena enjoyed the reactions, moved her hands to Barbaraís leather clad things, rubbing the chaps up and down as she licked and sucked and covered Barbaraís cock with her saliva, lubricating it. Her body shuddered at the thought of what it would be used for soon.

Barbara didnít know how much of this she could take. Watching Helena throw herself into the role of play acting was driving her insane with lust She leaned her upper body forward enough to take Helenaís beasts I her hands and knead them, pinch their peaks and pull at her nipples until she was gyrating her hips and groaning around Barbaraís cock.

"God," Helena panted, "youíre driving me crazy."

"Then get up here and fuck me Helena." Barbara pleaded, never wanting anything more in her life than what she wanted in this moment. It was always this intense with Helena. Every time they were together. "Straddle my lap and fuck me."

"Youíll fuck me with your cock?" Helena looked up at her, eyes fierce with want.

"Iíll do much more than that for you," Barbara promised.

Helena shed the rest of her clothes in record time. She quickly straddled Barbara, the insides of her thighs delighting in the cool touch of Barbaraís leather chaps. Barbara grabbed her short main with both hands and drew her in to a full, demanding kiss, her tongue hot, wet and wild in Helenaís mouth. Helena had never seen Barbara this in need, this rough before. It aroused her to new heights.

She tore her mouth away and clung to the leather jacket as she whispered roughly into Barbaraís ear, "Do it Barbara, fuck me with your cock."

Barbara inhaled sharply. With one hand she felt through Helenaís damp flesh, causing the younger woman to cry out at the contact. With the other, she firmly grasped the base of the dildo, and rubbed itís tip teasingly along Helenaís aching flesh, being sure to use the head to flick her clit.

"Barbara!" Helena pleaded.

Barbara put the tip at Helenaís entrance. To Helenaís credit, she waited poised atop Barbaraís lap, waiting excruciatingly to be allowed to be impaled on her lover. Barbara grabbed Helenaís hips and with a sharp push downward, pierced Helena deep and fast. Helena mewled at the full feeling inside her. Not the same as Barbaraís wonderful hand but it still felt good, it felt like it was Barbara. She began, with Barbara still guiding her hips, to pump herself up and down on Barbaraís cock, delighting in the friction and penetration..

Panting at her exertion she forced herself to focus on Barbaraís breathtaking face. Barbara had eyes wide taking in the vision of Helena pleasuring herself this way. Her green was a darker shade than Helena had ever seen, her face flushed with arousal at what they were doing. Helena added a grind when she came down to the base of the dildo and was rewarded with a gasp from Barbara as the dildoís base rubbed against Barbaraís own tender, heated flesh.

Helena was so turned on, she was already so close. Barbara claimed a breast with her mouth and sucked it hard as Helena ground herself to Barbara, growling erotically at the coveted touch of that mouth on her chest, over her aching nipple. "Iím gonna cum soon." She whispered, voice rough.

Barbara moved a hand into her jacket and took her mouth away from what she was doing, causing Helena to moan at the loss. Her eyes lit up however when she saw what Barbara pulled out.

A single square of dental dam.

Holding her gaze, Barbara licked it slowly. She pulled the now damp piece of latex away form her mouth and gave Helena a sultry smile, "Strawberry. My favourite."

Barbara moved the square between their bodies and down. Helena bucked when she felt the first touch of it against her swollen clit. Barbara rubbed the area through the latex in commanding circles, setting new shocks up and down and through Helenaís over sensitized body. Helena half mewled and half growled as she began to pump herself in earnest on Barbaraís cock while Barbara jerked her off with the dental dam, her fingers moving in ever tightening circles.

"I love watching you come," Barbara told her, her voice a rich contralto of desire. She gripped Helenaís hip with one hand, increasing the ever erratic thrusts, while her other hand moved harder and faster rubbing Helenaís clit. "If I do this, will you come for me?"

Helena could only grip leather clad shoulders harder and pull Barbara into a kiss filled with need.

She had to pull her head back to cry out as the tremors over took her body, the orgasm beginning to rise, ready to break.

Barbara watched her, eyes dark and moist, "I love you Helena."

And then Helena crested, throwing her head back she cried out long and loud as every nerve in her body exploded in pleasure. Every time she thought it was about to taper another wave would overtake her, shaking her against the body that held her. She jerked herself against hand and dildo as Barbara drew out every lightning arc of bliss.

An eternity later, she lay in the circle of Barbaraís arms, against her body, head in the crook of the red headís neck. Hands soothed her with comforting touches, warm caresses over her trembling, weak, spent body.

She raised her head enough to speak in hoarse whisper, "Youíre amazing you know that?"

Barbara looked down at her with the most beautiful smile lighting her face. "Itís mutual. Youíre incredible Helena."

Helena could feel sleep pulling at her consciousness but it was important she let Barbara know something. "Barbara, I love you too."

"I know." But even behind closed eyelids, Helena could hear the smile widen and soften. Despite the glib words.

"And Barbara?"


"Iím going to get you back." she promised he red haired wild lover just before she fell into a wonderful sleep in the arms of her love.



Tbc in part 2 Revenge is Sweet!