title:  Dirty Girls and Dental Dams: The Sordid Sequel Part 2
author:  The Naughty Northern Beastie (North's evil cousin)
rating:  NC-17
pairing:  B/H

disclaimer:  I own nothing. No harm intended, no profit made.

thanks:  To SH, who has proven she'll beta anything for me ,';P Thank you!

Dedication: This is for you Quire, for having the wonderful sense of humour to put the original challenge up in the first place, and for your fun, supportive comments when I took the risk and answered it! This is for you ! Feel special, preen and strut. Dance! Hope you enjoy,;)

Disclaimers a plenty: Where to begin? First off, I do not endorse any kind of either asphyxiation or hanging oneís head upside down during orgasm. It can be very dangerous. But this is just a story. Keep that in mind. Also, this does involve a lot of latex in unconventional ways, one of the ways would involve some that would need to be industrial grade and thus would never be suitable for physio but since this is fantasy fluff, we do what we want. If you actually want latex strips such as described in the first story, you can get them either at your local physio therapist, or even at bicycle stores or even Canadian Tire possibly. This part involves more dildo, role playing and unconventional use of latex. Thereís very little actual dental dam use except here and there but it is present. There is also some use of the f word.

Recommendations: Please remember that this is only my own humble wee opinion, but I highly recommend anyone who has a sweetie to try kissing their partnerís bottom lip to bottom lip as done in this part between Babs and Hel. You donít have to be upside down. Just have one of you sit in a lazy chair or a couch away from the wall, have your sweetie move behind the couch or chair, you tilt your head back using the back of the couch or chair to rest your neck (if you donít have such and need to use a straight back chair, have your partner hold your head for you to avoid neck strain). The position has your face perpendicular to the other womanís, slowly kiss her bottom lip with your own, taking time to enjoy the sensations. Trust me, it rocks. Again, just my opinion.

Another recommendation: Hope you donít mind but being gay and disabled I found a great queer friendly but also disability informed and friendly shop online for sexually assistive devices and more. Theyíre www.comeasyouare.com Theyíre in Toronto Canada, and theyíve always been fantastic with any questions Iíve had regarding sexuality and disability and their products. Just fyi..

a/n: If you have ever ripped a tube or package of lube open with your teeth you may have had the experience of some of it getting into your mouth (not that I would know any of this cuz I would never have done anything like that <eg> ahh, those less than finer moments in the bedroom). Not always a problem but if your someone who dislikes the taste, there are flavoured lubes you can sometimes find, but be careful, your partner, or your tender areas may be allergic to the flavoured kind. Always test it on a patch of skin first to try to lessen the chance of discovering any unwanted reactions at inopportune times.


A week had come and gone since Barbaraís vocal ambush and lovely surprise, but Helena hadnít forgotten her last words that night. Payback was coming and it had Barbaraís name all over it; tonight was the night. Right now, in fact.

She waited outside the clock tower knowing it was Barbaraís usual routine to do a hard workout on this evening every week. She counted the time, knowing exactly which exercise the red head would be doing when.

She entered the tower silently. With no other sounds except the hum of the Delphi, she could easily make out the panting of Barbara exerting herself. Stopping in the doorway of the training room, Helena could easily see her prey hanging upside down in her contraption, doing inverted sit ups. Enjoying the view of Barbara wearing only a navy sports top and matching track pants, Helena briefly thanked whatever deity had made Barbara such a beautiful and also meticulous, calculated, exacting person so that Helena could time this all so perfectly.

Helena could also be calculating and exacting in her own primal way.

She licked her lips as she stalked her target. Revenge would definitely be sweet.

Barbara was startled from her exercise by a slithering sound. She quickly looked over and saw Helenaís leather duster pooling on the floor.

"Helena? Youíre home sooner than I expected." She watched upside down as boots made authoritative steps towards her, leather pants creaking enticingly.

"Disappointed?" Helenaís voice, sultry and with a hint of heat, ignited Barbaraís senses.

"Never with you," Barbara replied honestly. Curious and puzzled, she wondered what Helena was up to.

"You do like your workouts," Helena purred, coming to stand in front of Barbara and then crouching down to meet her eyes. "I remember the last workout I was a...party to. You didnít think Iíd forget your vocal torture did you?"

Her hand lifted to delicately trace the lines of the sweat dampened bare abs of her prey, please at how the muscles rippled under her touch.

Goose bumps formed on Barbaraís skin from the tone alone, never mind Helenaís light caresses. "I thought you enjoyed the show."

"Oh, I did. It was making me so hot, so wet thinking about you here, alone, touching yourself. I remember how you taunted me with every sigh, every moan as you masturbated over the comm. Whispering eroticism into my ears as you came."

Barbara felt herself held captive in Helenaís intense violet regard. "You didnít think rueage would be imminent? You should know me better than that Barbara."

A shiver rolled up and down her prone body, "Imminent rueage?"

Helena smiled filled with the promise of sinful acts soon to come. "Imminent. Very imminent."

With those last words, Helena leaned down and kissed Barbara. It was unlike any kiss either of them had experienced before. The upside down position allowed them to softly kiss each otherís bottom lips, tasting them fully. It felt decadent. Wonderful.

"Let me get myself up and unhooked," Barbara breathed, her temperature rising.

"No," Helena told her.

She stood and moved in, Barbara felt the length of Helena against her own body. The cold leather chilled her heated, damp skin; her whole body shuddered at the sensation. Her nipples tightened into aching peaks. The scent and feel of leather filled her senses. In pure reflex, she clasped what was in front of her, Helenaís legs. She gripped them tighter when she felt Helenaís warm breath through her track pants near her sex.

"Youíre already wet." Helenaís voice floated down to her.

"Helena? What are you doing?"

"Payback baby." A ripping noise filled her ears and she felt the suddenly cool air on her heated centre. Her hands tightened further on Helenaís legs.

"You canít do anything from that angle with my legs so close together," she said, breathless.

"Are you so sure?" Helena purred.

The next instant, hands were on her legs, holding her still, and she felt Helena use her hands to pull the skin of her upper thighs back a bit. Then she felt something else entirely as Helena pushed her tongue between her legs, past the labia to taste her sex.

A growl permeated the air when Helena tore her tongue away, "Youíre already so wet."

"Thatís what you do to me." Barbara moaned.

"This might make you pass out," Helena warned her.

"I donít care, just donít stop." Barbara told her, her body on fire with need, a reaction Helena could always arouse. Helena and only Helena drove her this crazy with want.

Their bodies pressed together, wet skin to cool leather. Heated flesh to a warm seeking tongue. Helena pushed her tongue against Barbaraís throbbing clit. When she moaned at the taste, Barbara felt the reverberation to her very core. As Helena began to pulse her tongue against the sensitive bundle, Barbaraís blood roared in her ears, her heartbeat thudding louder and louder. All she could feel was Helenaís tongue and what it was doing to her. When she came, it was a violent rush, like nothing she ever felt before, taking over her body with pleasure before hurtling her into a darkening grey haze.


Barbara blinked her eyes open. She was immediately confused by her position. She felt suspended and was, it turned out, exactly that. She looked around at the latex tethers that made up the body harness she was laying in. She was about waist level from the floor of the work out room. Loving hands caressed her now completely bare body. She raised her head up from her latex hammock of sorts and met cobalt-violet eyes watching her avidly.

"Youíve been busy," she mentioned, smiling in reaction to Helenaís smirk.

"Do you approve?" Helena couldnít seem to stop stroking Barbaraís nude body.

"I definitely approve of what you did before. How long was I out?"

"Only ten minutes." The smirk widened. Then eyes watched her tenderly, "How do you feel?"

"Wonderful," she noticed something else about her lover. "Youíre still dressed."

Helena still wore her leather and had put her duster back on.

Helena grinned, "Youíre hardly alone with having fetishes of leather and latex. Are you comfortable?í she asked, referring to the make-shift harness.

Barbara shifted and felt her body sway gently. Helena had wisely chosen the wider therabands so that they held her weight and stretched a little without biting into her skin. She had used the ceiling hooks which adorned the workout ceiling for various punching bags and other sundry.

"Itís an odd feeling of suspension but itís comfortable enough." Barbara finally concluded. "What exactly are you up to?"

Instead of answering her verbally, Helena came around the side, bent down and claimed Barbara in a searing kiss. She broke away for air and watched Barbaraís face closely as she took an elegant hand, and pressed it first to her breast.

Barbara kneaded the pliant flesh greedily, "I like what your answer is so far."

"It gets better," Helena winked at her. She trailed the hand down her shirt, over her stomach, and then pressed Barbaraís hand to cup the length of her sex.

Barbara gasped at what she felt there. A tight bulge pushed at the seam between Helenaís legs.. Barbara was getting a very clear idea about what Helena was going to do.

Helena licked her lips in anticipation, "Thought you might like me to do the driving this time."

"Good thinking." she replied glibly, but her throat was dry. Excited, she stared up at Helena, "I like your concept of payback."

The woman bestowed her with a rakish grin, "Youíll like the results even better."

Helena went around to stand at Barbaraís feet. She spread Barbaraís legs which were separately suspended. Barbara pulled her upper body up slightly for a better view, using the nearest thick latex strands for leverage. She watched, transfixed, as Helena slowly lowered her zipper, and then pulled the phallus out like it was a part of her.

Barbara let out a breath she hadnít realized she had been holding in, "Thatís not the one I used before."

"Nah, I got my own. Just for you." Helena grinned eagerly. Reaching into her jacket she took out a package, and ripped it open. She took the condom and rolled it slowly and tantalizingly, liking how Barbara watched her. She took another package out and bit that open with her teeth. She slathered the lube onto the dildo generously. With a wicked smile, she took the hand covered in lubricant and ran it through Barbaraís labia, slicking it up and tweaking her clit.

Barbara cried out at the sudden and all too fleeting contact. "Helena," she warned her with a growl.

"Ooo, I like it when you sound all rough and sexy like," she put her hand back and ran it through sodden curls of dark crimson. "You really didnít need the lube, youíre already so wet, but I donít take any chances with you. Because when I fuck you, itís going to be everything you ever wanted and then some." She promised Barbara.

"Helena, please," she wanted to feel Helena inside her, fucking her.

Still teasing her, she could only whimper as Helena rubbed the dildo between her legs, along her sex. Helena was particular about rubbing it up against Barbaraís aching clit, making her Barbara moan with want to either have Helena lick her, fuck her with that dildo, have her tongue or hand inside her but Helena had better do it and hurry.

The brunette was going to laugh it off and continue her torture. She was, that is, until she saw Barbaraís hand reach between her legs and begin to circle her clit, masturbating right in front of Helena. Now it was Helenaís turn to exhale suddenly. Her eyes wide and mesmerized at the sight of Barbara suspended in front of her, pleasuring herself right before her eyes.

Hooded green eyes caught hers. In her most sultry voice, Barbara said, "You like this? Being able to watch instead of only being able to listen? I can do this for you baby. I can fuck myself in front of you and I bet youíll get off just from watching. Iím already so close, just having you watch me is turning me on."

Helena could tell. A sexual flush rose up Barbaraís body, darkest at her neck. Her breathing increased and her hand movements were becoming more erratic.

With a growl of pure crazed desire, Helena pulled Barbaraís hand away and leaned over her body to put those coated fingers in her mouth so she could suck Barbaraís taste from them. In one deft move, she plunged into Barbara, causing her to throw her head back and cry out in pleasure at being penetrated. In earnest, Helena began thrusting into her, her eyes rolling in pleasure at the taste of Barbara in her mouth.

Growling again, she pulled the hand away and put it back where it had been. She placed her own hands on either hip and pumped her own hips vigorously, watching as Barbaraís body swayed to her movements. "If you want, you can keep touching yourself. I wonít stop you this time."

Moaning, crying out, panting at each thrust, Barbara quickly resumed rubbing her clit, "Fuck me harder Hel."

Snarling wantonly, Helena did exactly as requested, pulling out and pushing in, pounding into the red head. "Thatís it Barbara, touch yourself. Pinch your clit for me. I know youíre close. I can feel it."

Barbara mewled, pinching her clit, feeling herself begin to shake as the orgasm drew closer. Blue-violet eyes burned her, the desire and arousal she saw there multiplying her own, bringing that bright edge of pleasure hurtling towards her faster and faster. Helena thrust into her faster and harder, driving her over the edge and past it to another, and then another orgasm as her inner walls convulsed, clamping down again and again, pulsing.

Just when she had almost caught her breath, Helena pulled out tenderly but didnít stop her attentions. She knelt down, beyond view. Barbara heard the snap of latex and the next thing she felt was Helenaís tongue through a layer of it against her sex. She gasped, "Helena, I donít think I can come again."

Helena rubbed the length of her, sucked and nipped through the dental dam. The covering making the sensations against Barbaraís tender sensitive flesh not only tolerable, but despite her protests and belief, Barbara was amazed to find her body reacting. Helena sucked the clit into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue piercing knowing how it drove the other woman insane. It also caused Barbara to have her fourth climax. It broke through her, sudden and violent, and took the last remains of her strength. Soon, she could only pant, he whole body feeling like rubber.

Helena stood up from her crouch and came around the other side. She carefully removed Barbara from the harness and carried her limp form all the way up to their bedroom. Gently, she placed her on the soft bed, shucked her own clothing and joined her. Holding her close, Helena kissed Barbara lovingly over and over.

"You amaze me every time weíre together. Youíre so beautiful it almost hurts." she confessed to the older woman.

Barely conscious, but happily conscious enough to hear that, Barbara replied, "I love you too."

"And baby?" Sleepy, sleepy, lust.

"Yeah Red?" Pleased, happy Helena.

"Iím gonna get you back for this."

Very, very happy Helena, "I love you too sweetheart. And I'm counting on it."