Geek Love

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

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Author's Notes: This story entirely got started because of the temp job Jenn and I had at a local university's bookstore. Wanna blame anyone for it? Blame the "finger condom," okay?

A/N, The Second: This was originally started in mid-January 2003, but was shelved until early May 2003, simply because these particular muses took off on some weird vacation/retreat/whatever. All it took was a ooey, gooey ice cream sundae and repeatedly listening to random favorite classic rock songs of the 1970s to get the wenches back…with a vengeance *veg*

A/N, The Third: Italics = thoughts .. Underlining = emphasis

“Greetings, super-- Jeezus, Barbara! Order out much lately?”

I glanced up at Helena's amusingly sarcastic comment to see her struggling to push four large boxes out of the elevator with Alfred's help. Curiosity overrode the research I was doing and I wheeled over to see what it was she had found. Glancing at the packing label on the nearest box, I felt a flush of annoyance – no, make that anger – flood over my face. “Oh for the love of God!” I muttered darkly, hoping the other boxes weren't from the same company.

“So where do you want 'em? Or should we leave them here for everyone to trip over?” Her impishly innocent smile only furthered my ire.

“Just bring them over to the table. I'll go get my order to verify what we're supposed to have,” I replied, turning back toward my computer banks. Even though I know it's already screwed up.

I could hear the two of them bantering about food as they moved the boxes for me. I rifled through the various pending invoices until I found the one I wanted and headed back toward the table, scanning the invoice instead of paying any attention to where I was going. I knew the clock tower like the back of my hand, right?

“Hey! Foot!” came Helena's voice from my left suddenly. Startled, I glanced up to see I'd wandered unconsciously in her direction, rather than heading directly to the table. Guiltily, I moved back on track and settled myself at the table, smiling gratefully at Alfred when he brought my tea. “You feeling okay, Barbara?”

“What?” I asked, readjusting my glasses to glance at her. “I'm fine. Just ticked off about this shipment. Sorry.”

“No worries,” she replied, pressing her lips lightly to my crown, then grinned at Alfred when he brought her the jar of peanut butter and a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Hopping up onto the counter, she crossed her legs and placed the jar in the hollow there. Gazing at me, she fired me a smoky glance and slowly licked the peanut butter off the first cookie. “So did you sleep okay last night? Dinah said something about you being restless while I was out doing that last major sweep.”

I shook my head, rubbing the bridge of my nose before meeting her eyes again. “I'm fine, Helena. Dinah just likes to worry. I think it's got something to do with her mom…”

When she didn't answer, I turned back to the invoice, knowing full well what had been bothering me last night. But I wasn't about to voice it just yet. A quick glance showed me what I'd ordered. Now the task was to see what was actually sent. Because it certainly shouldn't have taken four large boxes to send me what I'd needed. Digging into the first box, I muttered darkly, then suddenly found a pair of hands reaching into the box with me. Glancing up, I found Helena pulling things out and setting them on the table.

“Just follow your invoice, Barbara,” she replied, smiling broadly. “I can pull it all out for you to check off, then we'll just repack whatever got screwed up and take it back to be returned.”

Before I could say anything, Alfred leaned in. “If that's all, Miss Barbara, I do believe I shall return to the penthouse. I trust you and Miss Helena can take care of things from here?”

I smiled gratefully as my lover answered for me. “Oh yeah, Alfred. No problem. You – you do have those brownies made, right? And my—“

“Your poptarts are in the cupboard, in order of your flavour preferences, Miss Helena. I trust there is enough in the kitchen to keep both of you fed until tomorrow?”

“It should be fine,” I replied, chuckling at Helena's bright, childlike grin of satisfaction. “Thank you, Alfred. Have a good evening.”

“You as well, Miss Barbara,” he said and turned to leave.

“O-kay. Um, Barbara? Is there a reason for these?”

Returning my glance from Alfred's retreating form, I found myself staring at Helena's fingers covered in what had once been nicknamed “finger condoms.” No matter how many times I'd tried to get Helena, and more recently Dinah, to refer to them by their proper name, or at least their function, this is what they were called. “What are you doing with those, Helena?”

“Oh, I can think of a few good uses for these finger condoms. But goodness, Barbara, do you really need this many? Do you have someone else on the side?” she cooed, nuzzling in against my ear. “Or have you been getting off without me more than you've admitted to?”

“Helena!” I gasped, feeling the familiar rush through my system at her sultry tone. “I ordered one to help me turn pages, as you well know, not” – I glanced at the packing invoice – “a gross?”

She smirked and wiggled her fingers closer to me. “I don't think they're all that gross. You sure you don't have any ulterior motives here, lover? I'm sure these would definitely bring a rush of feeling to those nerves that aren't always firing on command.”

If those words had come from anyone else, I'd have been incensed beyond recall. But this was Helena. My darling, sweet Helena. Brought to me in such pain and torment…for both of us. And from that darkness grew what we now were. And I couldn't deny her siren's call for long, but I'd do my damnedest to get through this shipping issue before she seduced me away for the rest of the day. I needed to accomplish something productive and worthwhile while both Alfred and Dinah were gone. Then I'd let Helena have her way with me.

A delighted shiver ran down my spine at that thought, then I shook my head and met her gaze again. “Can we just stay on track for a few minutes here? Please?” I slid my glasses down to the tip of my nose to gaze at her over the rims, wetting then biting my lower lip. “Then I'm all yours…barring any sort of emergency, of course.”

A faint flush ran up her cheeks and her blue eyes widened in need and surprise. “Uh yeah, if…if that's what you want.” The page-turning rubbers were quickly removed and placed back in the box on the table and she reached down to grab the next item. As she did, I quickly grabbed and pocketed the ten rubber tips, for later… And still managed to look normal when Helena brought up the next item on the list.

And for the next hour, we worked our way through the four large boxes sent. The bulk of the order was completely wrong, and we labored to pull out what I'd requested and box up the rest….with a few minor exceptions. After Helena's comment about using the rubber tips for sensory reasons, my mind had been racing on what else could be used from these coffers in that search for my elusively attuned nerve endings. And of course, I'd kept careful track of what I'd pilfered and what was being returned, so that I could do a proper invoice to return with payment.

“I think that's everything, Barbara,” Helena finally said, taping the last box shut. “I can get these down to the Hummer and take them over to get shipped back while you fax the new invoice and stuff back. That work?”

I nodded, pulling the paperwork together, then stopped to watch Helena move the boxes to the elevator. When she turned to flash me that blinding smile of hers, I beckoned her over with a crooked finger. “Do you always come when you're fingered, Helena?” I asked as she leaned over me. That delightful blush was accompanied by a devilish grin.

“Only if you're doing the fingering,” she murmured against my lips, before branding me with a bruising kiss.

“Hurry back, okay?” I whispered at her temple, then gasped softly when she brushed her fingers across my nipples.

“Do what you need to, then wait for me right here,” she instructed in a low, sensual tone. “And no touching yourself while I'm gone. That's my treat, not yours.”

~o~ ~o~ ~o~

She took her own damned sweet time in getting those boxes shipped out. And I'd sat there for well over an hour, waiting for her to come back, hearing her “internal” thoughts over the comm as she debated what she'd do to me when she got home. Oh, she swore it was busy, and I almost believed her, if it weren't for that damned knowing smirk on her face. And of course, she swore up and down that the comm hadn't been on intentionally. I rolled my eyes at her blatant lies, but still squirmed with my need for my lover's touch.

But she was home, and that was all that really mattered. Well, that and getting her to actually ravish me like I wanted. I watched her hungrily as she took her time making one of her patented snacks: peanut butter between two strawberry poptarts. I stayed where I was while she sat on the countertop again, slowly savoring that sandwich. Just like I wanted her to savor me. She pinned me with that feral look she knew damned well drove me utterly insane.

“So, Barbara,” she drawled around a mouthful of peanut butter. “Why don't you head into your bedroom and wait by the bed for me? I'll be in after I finish this.”

As much as I could have said no, I had this docile side that loved to capitulate to the Huntress, utterly and completely. So I began to do as she'd said, when her soft command stopped me in my place. “Strip for me.” She'd used that sultry tone that always makes me melt. I paused a moment, my more banal side debating the propriety of doing this in such a public space. What if Dinah or Alfred came back for some reason?

But I couldn't deny my yearning for her dominance. And so I locked up that banal part of my brain behind a heavily barred door, and turned to face my lover. Only to be startled to find her directly in front of my chair.

“Having second thoughts, Barbara?” she purred, kneeling before me. I stared at her, ensnared by the cat-slit eyes, utterly unable to answer her. She gently removed the pointed-toed boots I wore, and began a slow, sensual massage of my feet. After a moment, she stopped and cocked her head to one side to stare at me. “This isn't quite working. Maybe…” she trailed off, reaching behind me to pluck out the rubber tips I'd hidden earlier. My shock must have shown, judging by her laughter. “Oh, come on, Barbara, you didn't honestly think you were being subtle, did you? I mean, I can count, and my hearing is better than yours is.”

I glanced down, embarrassment flaming across my cheeks, both at being caught and at the things she could do to me with what I'd pilfered. That delicious shiver slid down my spine again, my skin turning to gooseflesh despite the heat pooling in the pit of my stomach. She leaned in to brush her lips against mine tenderly, insinuating her tongue in to tease and tempt. I couldn't help the whimper that slipped past my lips, my hands tightening on the arms of my chair. It was times like this that sometimes made me wish I still had the full use of my legs again, if only to wrap them around her body and hold her close.

“That's my girl,” she murmured, then leaned back to slowly pull the ten rubber tips onto her own fingers, all the while casting me an incendiary glance that had me wriggling in my skin. Licking her lips seductively, she picked up my right foot and resumed her earlier massage. The sensations were… I didn't know how to describe them. I wasn't even sure if they were real or wished for, but they were strong enough to make me wish there was a belt to hold me into the damned chair. I nearly pushed myself out of the chair when I felt her lips surround a single toe. I could see, by the way her muscles moved, that she was sucking the digit, and I closed my eyes to let the sensation – real or imagined – wash over me. A sharp awareness of feeling washed over me suddenly, and my eyes shot open to find her lips pulled back in a feral grin, her teeth gripping my toe as her tongue-tip flicked back and forth. And then a shriek of need escaped me as she bit down on the captive flesh.

“Hel – Helena,” I gasped, my head falling back from the overwhelming need.

And then she was in front of me again, lightly pressing her lips to my temple. “Shh,” she murmured. “I've got you, Barbara. I won't let you fall. Just relax and let it come.”

I nodded, whimpering softly, and gripped the arms of my chair as she pushed down my top to place a gently sucking kiss on the swell of one breast before continuing down to resume her massage, this time on the unsuspecting left foot. And then reality dawned and reminded me of that one all-important factor: Helena hadn't treated any of my fully sensitized flesh to this tender assault. I was nearly ready to come already, just from this simple act. I wasn't going to survive her upward journey from mostly dead to living flesh.

“Yes, you are, Barbara,” she replied. “You're far stronger than you think you are. You may not be able to move after I'm done with you, but you'll survive it just fine. You always do.” I snorted softly in response, but didn't attempt to stop or dissuade her from her task. “Need to get these pants off of you, lover. Wanna help me out a bit here?”

“I couldn't move my hands right now if my life depended on it,” I managed to get out in a relatively normal tone.

“Wow!” she chuckled, resting a hand against the zipper of my jeans. “And I haven't even touched anything kinky yet. Careful or you'll blow my ego all out of proportion.”

“No more than your flirting with Reese does, I'm sure,” I tossed back at her, taking a deep breath before I could look at her again without getting that fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“That's just for fun, Barbara,” she cooed. “You know, keep him off-balance from discovering who and what I really am.”

Who and what you really are, Helena Kyle, is the one woman to have completely and utterly won my heart, I thought to myself, but made damned sure not to voice. I'd always known her abandonment issues, and wasn't about to add another to them. Shakily, I stretched out a single finger to trace her cheek. “You are you, my dear, and there is no one else quite like you.”

My heart swelled at her embarrassed smile…until she nipped at the finger still stroking her cheek. “No getting mushy on me, Barbara. You know I hate that whole puffy-eyed look. Besides,” she said, hand exerting a little more pressure on the front of my jeans. “I do believe we were getting you out of these, weren't we?”

Nodding, I felt that dizzying sensation overcome me again, knowing those textured fingertips would be dancing through the dampness between my thighs. Even if I didn't know when, and perhaps that made the sensations all the more powerful. Sucking in a breath, I gripped the chair again as she teasingly undid the button with her teeth. She inhaled the obvious scent of my arousal, then nuzzled a bit before pulling the tab of the zipper down, her nose trailing against my silk- and velvet-covered skin.

“My! My! My! Silk and velvet? Barbara, you hussy! If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were planning on me jumping you tonight.” She seared me with that darkly sensual gaze again. “Tell me I'm wrong, lover,” she whispered. “If you can, that is.”

I simply shook my head, unable and unwilling to prove her wrong. I only wanted her to take me, claim me, mark me as hers again. She flashed me that devilish smile again and worked her tipped fingers into the waist of my jeans. I squealed slightly at the brief touch of nubbed rubber against my flesh, then pushed with my arms to pull my hips up enough for her to pull the denim down and off my legs. I could tell by her eyes that she hadn't missed the fact that I'd worn a g-string.

Slowly, far more slowly than I wanted, she worked her way up the length of my legs, increasing the blood flow, which brought with it an amplified sensation along those damaged nerve endings. The closer she got to my torso, the stronger the feelings became, and the more I needed her, craved her. And then she passed right over the aching need between my legs and moved those torturous fingers up under the hem of my tank top. The goosebumps rose in the wake of those teasing tips until they reached the front clasp of my bra. Deftly she popped it open and then, without touching my skin, managed to get the bra out from under my tank top and off my body. Leaning back, she appraised me with a heated, predatory gaze that made my skin literally crawl for want of her.

Suddenly, she leaned in closely again and raided into the stash of “supplies” I'd set aside earlier. She started shaking something in her hand, and I belatedly realized it was the can of pressurized air. My heart raced at the implications of what she could do with the air that turned cold as it escaped its metal confines.

“Let's get you into bed, lover,” she growled. “Don't want you to get this chair all messy, do we?”

Dumbly, I shook my head, unable to tell her I'd already done just that. I somehow managed to wrestle my fingers into working the controls for my chair and wished the damned thing moved faster. What seemed like an eternity later, I maneuvered my chair to the side of the bed and flipped up the left armrest in preparation of wrestling myself out of said chair. Somehow I managed to get myself onto the bed, despite lust-shaken arms. I scooted up to lay against the mound of pillows Helena had already piled up for me. As I got myself comfortable, she turned to retrieve all of my 'toys' and arrange them on the nightstand.

“You really are a kinky bitch sometimes, Barbara,” she teased, glancing over my stash. Besides the tips and canned air, I'd hidden alligator clips, rubber bands, an envelope moistener, even one of those poly-feather dusters. “I can't wait to see how you react to some of these things. But first, there's something we need to do.” I quirked my brow at her as she dug in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. That was where our 'private stock' was, so that unsuspecting eyes – like Dinah's – wouldn't just happen to wander in and see things they shouldn't.

Before I could truly react, she had one of my wrists trapped and tied to the headboard with a silk scarf, the other quickly falling prey to the same fate. As I lay there, tied and unable to move, she stepped back and slipped out of her leather jacket. Grinning broadly, she crawled up the bed and straddled my waist. The feel of the warmed leather of her thighs against my stomach and hips was mesmerizing as she leaned in and ran the tip of her tongue along my cheek. Leaning back again, she slipped the ten rubber tips back onto her fingers, then trailed them down my chest to the hem of my skimpy top. Sliding underneath, they slowly ventured their way up my skin, pushing the shirt up as they moved. The decreasing space between the little nubs caused all sorts of tingles to run up and down my spine until I thought I'd pass out. Especially when she ran the tips across my nipples.

“Helena!” I cried, arching my chest toward her.

“Shh,” she murmured in amusement. “Goodness, Barbara. You're acting like a horny virgin, touched for the very first time.”

“And you're teasing me like some sadistic witch,” I ground out between clenched teeth as she repeated the motion. I could almost guarantee that I wouldn't survive this torture much longer. And I told her as much. Okay, maybe not told, so much as groaned. But it got my point across.

“Barbara, Barbara, Barbara,” she scolded teasingly, resting the very tips of her clad fingers on my nipples. “You don't honestly think that's going to change my mind, do you? You should know better than anyone that cats adore torturing their prey.”

I whimpered again for good measure, knowing it was a futile gesture. She would continue to torture me until she'd wrung that last ounce of sanity and resistance from me. And then, and only then, might she consider giving me what I wanted. And I loved it, adored it, craved it like oxygen. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and steeled myself for the long haul. Only a serious emergency would pull Helena from this particular power trip.

Opening my eyes again, I stared hard into hers and met her smile, albeit shakily. “I'm yours, Helena, body and soul. Your happiness is my happiness.”

That shook her a little, but not for very long. That devilish gleam filled her eyes again and she grabbed the material of my tank top from beneath it. With a growl and a swift motion, she tore the filmy cotton and exposed my lust-painted flesh. Leaning in, her lips enveloped one needy nipple, the other trapped between textured fingertips that twisted and pinched in the most deliciously toe-curling ways. Just when I thought she'd pull my soul out through that nipple, she captured the other nipple between her strong teeth, and my back arched toward her. I didn't dare even think about the puddle between my legs and what I'd do when she latched those teeth on my poor, unsuspecting clit. I was quite certain I'd die a happy woman at that point.

The blood rushing through my ears made it difficult to understand what she was saying, so I just nodded, safe in the knowledge that Helena wouldn't harm me. And then shrieked as numbingly cold air blasted across my damp nipples. My body spasmed and fought my bonds as I fell prey to an overwhelming orgasm I'd never even seen coming.

I finally found the strength to focus tear-blurred eyes on Helena's face. She crouched over me, not touching my flesh, and watched me with the shrewdness of an alley cat that'd cornered its prey. I dimly made note of the air can in her hand as sensation roared through the nerves of my nipples again. I couldn't help the shudder of release that escaped my lips. Worry crept into her eyes at that sound and I shook my head, forcing my vocal cords to work again.

“Don't stop,” I pleaded. “I'm fine, just…don't stop. Please.”

Gratefully, she listened and did as I begged her to. Leaning in, she wrapped her lips around one thawing nipple, and rode the accompanying tremor that coursed through my body. Once she had me all hot and bothered again, she looked up at me, waiting for my eyes to focus on her instead of my need.

“Are you up for something a little kinky?”

The question was so soft and tentative, I felt the sharp bark of laughter bubble up from my crotch. “Are you implying that this hasn't been kinky so far, love?”

And then she smiled that impishly embarrassed grin that I loved so well and bit at her lower lip. “I dunno, Barbara. I'm not sure you can handle what I've got in mind,” she murmured, reaching over to finger the alligator clips.

I felt that fire in my loins kick up to full power again. “Try me,” I rasped, searing into her eyes with my trust.

“Just remember you asked for it,” she warned, then sucked my nipple back between her lips. She teased and tormented it to a fever pitch, then deftly slipped the alligator clip over the sensitized flesh. The ecstatically tortured groan that slipped past my lips at that delicious heat nearly drove my lover into a frenzy. Gently flicking at the unfettered nipple, she quirked a brow at me.

“Do it,” I murmured, and felt a shiver run down my spine as she repeated the actions. That low, growling boil was beginning between my legs again, and I felt the shock that I might actually climax twice without Helena having ever touched that nether ache I harbored.

“What do you want, Barbara?” she crooned in my ear, gently taunting my body with coy brushes and caresses. I arched my chest toward her, wishing I could control my lower half enough to reach the thigh she had between my legs. Her chuckle only fueled the fire. “No, you need to tell me what you want.”

“You already know,” I whined. “Why do I have to tell you?”

“Because,” she replied in that infuriating matter-of-fact tone, “I'm telling you to.” I pouted until she bruised my lips with her heated kisses, her hands framing my face. She pointedly ignored my whimpers, nuzzling her way down my throat.

“Hel, please!” I begged, knowing it was futile.

My eyes widened when she casually flicked her finger across one of the alligator clips, reacquainting me with those painfully delicious flickers of arousal. Grinning almost sadistically, she continued to torment my trapped nipples, eliciting the most plaintively pitiful cries of need from my throat. I struggled against my silken bonds, arching my chest toward her fingers as she plucked at my nerve endings like a concert violinist.

And then my world exploded like a supernova as she released a nipple from its clamp an instant before sucking it between those wicked teeth once again. It felt like fire and electricity licked at my poor, ultra-sensitized flesh, and I couldn't contain the rush of orgasmic bliss that overcame me. I cried out her name in a ragged voice, heedless of the tears streaming down my cheeks, and begged her not to stop. I rode that climactic wave for all it was worth, completely unaware of time, space, or anything beyond the region of my clit and nipples…and she still hadn't come anywhere near my painfully needy clit.

The next thing I knew, she was gently nuzzling at my cheeks, lapping up the remains of my orgiastic tears. I nuzzled into her kisses, then stiffened as she reached up for the scarves. “No,” I rasped, then swallowed thickly to recoat my dry throat.


“You haven't…” I found myself unable to say the words for a long moment. Helena's ferally gentle eyes watched me intently as I struggled with what I wanted to say, her fingers intertwined with mine. Finally, I forced myself to meet her gaze. “Please, Hel,” I begged. “Finish what we started. I want... I want you.”

Her eyes were so expressive as she weighed my request in her mind. And then she squeezed my hand lightly, leaning in to nuzzle lovingly at my lips. “Are you sure?” I nodded quickly, nipping at her jaw. The smile she bestowed on me then more than proved why I adored her so.

She captured my lips again, making me dizzy with the taste and feel of her in my mouth. The path of worship she followed down my body was humbling and electrifying in turns. She covered my flesh in tender nips and kisses until she was repositioning herself between my legs. Helena paused long enough to stare up at me, adoring lover and sexy vixen all rolled into one. I felt her finger crossing the comforter between my thighs and let out a ragged sigh.

“Please, Helena, no more teasing…”

Thankfully, blissfully she did as I begged. As much as I loved to watch her making love to me, this time was different. I closed my eyes, preparing for the onslaught I knew would come as her lips moved along the inside of my left thigh toward bliss. The feather-light flicks of her tongue as she lapped up the evidence of my previous orgasms only intensified the burning deep within so that when her tongue finally touched my clit…

The heat of an electrical storm. The force of a “finger of God” tornado. The weight of a tsunami. The pull of a black hole. My insubstantial body couldn't stand up to the assault on my senses and I blacked out, screaming her name.

When my weary mind swam up into consciousness again, I was beneath the covers, curled possessively in her arms. She whispered all manner of sweet nothings into the crown of my head, and petted my back lovingly. I felt the tears well up anew at the blatant dichotomy in my lover. Fiercely sexual and soothingly loving all in one incredible woman.

“I love you,” I murmured around a yawn, nuzzling in closer.

“Shh,” she lightly scolded before dropping a light kiss to my lips. “Rest now. Talk later.”

“But you—“

“Can wait. Honest.”


“No, Barbara. Sleep. Regain your strength,” she replied more firmly, then grinned crookedly at me. “Besides, I want you at your geeky-brainy best when you repay me for this one.”