In Plain Sight

by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

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Author's Notes: This was written on 1 March 2003, while I was at the Creation Convention in Seattle, Washington, waiting for Roxann Dawson to come onstage. It's the third of 3 stories written at that time

I can't believe it.

Right under my nose all this time. The bane of my existence. The person thwarting all of my plans to take over this damned town for my Mr. J.

And I could have stopped her. Could have killed her.

But no… I chose to make her one of my minions, however short-lived. If it hadn't been for the crippled bat, I'd have had the Huntress as my plaything.

And now? Locked up in my own asylum. Still separated from my pookie. And still not running New Gotham. Not yet…

I truly hate those damned flying rodents.