Title: Sound Effects The Sequel: The Morning After (regular version)
Author: North
Pairing: (B/H)
Rating: PG?

Disclaimer: I don't own them...this is all just for fun!


How did this happen? Bardly responded to my feedback with a friendly "Why don't you pick it up?" suggesting I write a next part. I couldn't say no (as Quire and Xe no doubt noticed after I answered the dental dam challenge). Sometimes, I just have to write something<heh> , so though it can't compare to the original. Here it is <bg>


<click> as the door closes behind him when he leaves the penthouse.

<hssst> Barbara inhales sharply as she struggles not to weep.

<squeak> as her fingers trace the glass hard on the picture of Helena that she holds tightly.

<SLAM!> She looks up at the sound to see Helena standing there, leaning heavily against the door she just slammed shut behind her.

<ssshhhhhh> Barbara pulls at the sheet wrapped over her, the only thing covering her.

<thu-thump> Barbara's heart races at the look in Helena's eyes.

<thmp thmp thmp> Helena strides over to Barbara.

<uumph> Helena pulls her up into her arms in a fierce embrace.

<clatter> The picture falls to floor unnoticed by the two women.

<grrrrr> Helena growls as she kisses the woman in her arms deeply.

<mmmMMM> Barbara moans and pulls Helena closer.

<pfffffffff> The sheet falls to the floor.

<thud> Helena's jacket follows.

<rrrrRRRPPpp> Barbara tears the shirt off Helena.

<thmp thmp thmp> Helena carries Barbara into the bedroom.

<click> The bedroom door closes.