Title: Sound Effects The Sequel: The Morning After (self indulgent version)
Author: North
Pairing: (B/H)
Rating: PG?

Disclaimer: I don't own them...this is all just for fun!


<WHOOSH> Helena lands on the clock tower's overlook.

<SLAM!> She kicks open the doors to stride into the abode.

<clatter> As she takes both people by surprise.

<gasp!> Barbara clutches her robe tighter to her chest, eyes wide.

<GRRRRR!> Helena grabs the man by the shirt and lifts him off the floor.

<THWAK!> Helena throws him against the wall.

<screech!> Barbara brings herself to a halt in her wheelchair between them.

<gggrrrRRR> Helena stares at Barbara.

<smack!> Helena plants a big, fierce wet one on the red head.

<swoon> Barbara's eyes flutter closed.

<shuffle> The man stands there seeing he lost, unknowing what to do.

<thmp thmp thmp> Helena released Barbara and stalks over to him.

<scuttle> He scrambles away and hurries out the door.

<click> Helena locks the door behind him.

<thud> A pillow hits her from behind, she turns to see Barbara smiling at her expectantly.

<whoosh> She sweeps Barbara in her arms and they go into Helena's old room so she can ravish her properly.