This is a little experiment. I like to make up formats and play with them; I hope you at least get a chuckle out of it. It was kind of fun to write.

Remember those great sound effect signs they had during the fight sequences in the old Batman TV series? What if someone were to build a BoP angsty fan fiction tale around them?

Disclaimer: WB owns them. B/?, noisy sex, angst.

Sound Effects
by Bardly

>WHIR< Barbara guided her chair into the bedroom.

>Smeck< They kissed.

>Slurp< Barbara deepened the kiss.

>Clatter< Buttons are torn off and hit the floor.

>Fwap< Her leather pants land in a heap.

>Sproong< Barbara was tossed on the bed.

>Rip< She clutched at the sheets, tearing them.

>Mmmm< Barbara moaned with pleasure.

>Biff< She slammed her head back into the pillow.

>Pow< Barbara came, her back arched and her fingers curled tightly in her lover's hair.

>Sob< Helena's head sagged as she sat on the roof and listened to Barbara screaming his name.

>Skritch< Helena left her perch and fled into the night.

>Snag< Later, as Wade slept, Barbara took a framed picture of Helena from her bedside table and hugged it to her chest.

>Sniffle< Barbara cried.