Keeping Her Warm

by BardlyWarrior

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Author's Disclaimer: All characters belong to Time/Warner. Just borrowing them for a quick spin. There be B/H and B/D here. Nothing graphic, but LOTS of angst. There is as much angst in this short piece as in anything else I have ever written, and that, my friends, is really saying something. This is written from Dinah's POV.

It was two years after that mess with Harley Quinn when the Huntress was invited to go on a mission with the Justice League.

She was excited, even though she tried not to show it.

Her emotional shields were lowered, so when Barbara pouted over Superman nixing Helena's communications equipment, Helena forgot she wasn't supposed to kiss Barbara.

So she kissed Barbara.

And Barbara kissed her back. For a long time.

"We need to talk," they both said with shy smiles and shining eyes.

Then Helena left. She didn't come back.

Superman and Green Lantern came to talk to Barbara. An alien temporal invasion had been averted when Huntress destroyed their gateway. She'd been vaporized in the explosion. Helena was a hero.


Barbara thanked them for coming. They left. She didn't move or speak for a long time.

For months, Barbara spiraled downward. I kept doing sweeps. Sometimes she talked to me, sometimes not.

She yelled when I made a mistake.

I started making more just to hear her voice.

She tried to kill herself.

I suppose I should have been surprised that it took her so long.

I found her in the bathroom with a razor blade against her wrist. I knocked it out of her hand. I yelled at her.

Barbara looked at me as though she'd never seen me before.

She grabbed my shirt with both hands, dragging me down and kissing me with raw desperation.

I convinced myself it was me she was kissing that day, for my sanity and hers.

She gradually seemed to come alive again.

We became lovers, and I let myself believe that those were my hands she felt, my lips, my love.

I let myself be happy.

I could almost believe Barbara was happy too, but for the sleepless nights out on the balcony, searching the shadows for someone who wasn't there.

And the haunted look that never left her eyes.

Then, five years after the explosion, Helena reappeared, having been blown through time rather than space.

Not a day older than she'd been when she disappeared.

Still completely devoted to the woman who had become my lover.

But she wasn't mine. I'd just been keeping her warm.

Now I stand in the doorway watching them hugging, crying, and laughing.


I should be happy she's alive. But all I can do is wonder - where does this leave us?

Where does this leave me?