Title: Trust Issues
Author: geekgrrlllurking
Author’s Email: Geekgrrl.lurking@gmail.com
Rating: G
Pairing: Jaime/Ruth
Summary: Drabble – trust is a recurring theme on the show so I thought I’d play

Disclaimer: The Bionic Woman and its characters are the property of NBC. No infringement intended.

Author’s Notes: I am such a Molly Price fan from her Third Watch days, and I love that she is back on a regular series with such femslash potential.

Trust Issues
by Geekgrrl

“I’m not her Ruth,” Jamie slid a hand along a soft cheek into crisp blonde hair.

Ruth looked up from her spot on the floor, staring for real for the first time into the dark eyes filled with determination and something else. Something more raw and wild. “But you could be Jamie. You very easily could be.” She watched the truth of that hit Jamie. The flicker of pain and fear was quickly followed by anger.

Ruth put her hand over the one on her cheek. “She killed someone I cared for very much that night she went off the grid…It’s still hard for me to forget. Or to trust my heart to someone again.”

Jamie let that sink in. Time to trust someone around here. Maybe time for Ruth to trust again too. Jamie turned and slid down the wall to sit beside Ruth. She hugged her legs, staring once again out the window. “Something about her calls to me Ruth, and I’m afraid someday I’ll answer.”

Ruth ran her fingers along the dark tresses for a time and pulled her into a hug. She needed this. It seems they both need this. “Let me give you something to hang onto.”

The End.