Title: Can't have your cake and eat it too
Author: Coco
Rating: R/NC-17
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I don't own CSI
Summary: Sara is very put out when Catherine blows her off.
Authors Note: I'll write a companion smut piece if theres enough interest.

Sara held her cell phone to her ear and waited impatiently for someone to pick up on the other end. She sighed impatiently when all she hear was voice mail, "Catherine? I want you to pick up this phone. I am so fucking serious! You're avoiding me and I don't like it. You're avoiding the subject!" she yelled into the phone before flipping it shut. Letting out an exaggerated and highly agitated groan.

She walked into the break room and stood staring at her male colleagues: Grissom, Warrick, Nick, and Greg. "Where the fuck is Catherine?" She demanded.

Grissom looked up from a crossword puzzle he was working on, "Excuse me?"

"I said where the fuck is Catherine! She's been avoiding me all fucking week!" Sara raged.

"She's out on assignment."

"Alone? What assignment?"

"Routine." Grissom shook his head, "Nothing she can't handle."

"I don't know about that, I mean since she can't return a fucking phone call!"

"What's wrong Sara?" Nick asked sitting down.

"Yeah, why are you so hot under the collar today?" Warrick raised his eyebrows at her.

"Because she keeps fucking blowing me off!"

"She'll be back shortly." Grissom assured her.

"One question." Sara paused making sure all eyes were on her, "By a show of hands, who here HASN'T slept with Catherine."

Grissom looked over at Warrick who looked at Nick who looked at Greg who was the only one who raised his hand.

"Thought so." Sara rolled her eyes, "She took me for a ride, didn't she?"

"She blew me off for about a month." Nick said, "After that our friendship has never been better."

"Yeah," Warrick nodded, "Cath blows everyone off after she gets them off. She comes back. And don't even try to tell me the sex wasn't worth it."

Sara smiled profusely and leered, "Oh it was good." Sara nodded.

"How about you, Gris." Warrick turned his attentions to his supervisor, "You didn't raise your hand. Tell us your Catherine sex story."

Grissom felt a slight blush come to his cheeks and his underlings giggled. "Actually, we still . . . do it, but sometimes she ignores me for a week. It's just Catherine. I don't even think she's avoiding you,"

"She's feeding off your energy." Nick patted Sara on the back, "She has sex to get energy. She's just working it off."

Warrick laughed and pushed Nick, "She got a whole month offa your energy?"

"Ok, maybe it was more like two weeks."

Warrick laughed.

"So I'm the only one, who hasn't-?" Greg asked dejectedly before being cut off by a collective yes. He pouted.

Catherine walked into the break room and paused when she noticed all eyes on her. "What's up?"

Greg stood up, "My turn!"

"Whoa, cowboy." Nick pulled him back down into his seat. "Catherine has to CHOOSE you."

"Why does that sound like a predator/prey situation?" Greg asked.

"Because it is." Sara snarled. Her attentions focussed on Catherine, her eyes searing mad, "You're a fucking vulture."

Catherine looked appalled.

"Sara, calm down." Grissom advised.

"I will not calm down!" Sara was on the brink of tears, "Catherine! You cannot do this to me! You cannot give me the best sex of my life and then blow me off!"

"Maybe we should leave them alone," Grissom stood up expecting the boys to follow him.

"No way!" Greg exclaimed, "I don't want to miss this! Cat fights-a-brewin'."

"GET OUT!" Sara screamed, shooting daggers at Greg. Greg, Nick, Warrick and Grissom all scrambled out of the room at breakneck speed. Sara walked over and closed the door.


"Let me speak." Sara warned. Catherine closed her mouth and leaned back against the couch cushions to listen to Sara. "Catherine. . . I. . ."

Catherine waited for Sara to continue, but she didn't so Catherine spoke: "For someone who wants to talk you aren't doing a lot of it."

"You know what?" Sara hissed, "Do you have any idea what you do to me? God you make me so angry sometimes! I just want to. . ."

"What?" Catherine purred, smiling smugly.

"Throw myself at you. And it's anyone's guess whether I'd kill you or fuck you."

"I'd prefer the fucking if it's all the same to you."

"You are so aggravating! You can never not make a joke, can you? You are like the female Grissom only WORSE!"

"What exactly are you implying about Grissom?"

"Distant, disassociated, indifferent, making riddles out of everything never a fucking straight answer. . . but you. . . you're those things but you're worse because Grissom keeps to himself and makes himself suffer not others. But YOU, you make yourself feel better by making everyone around you feel miserable."

"Everyone?" Catherine scoffed, "Look around, sweetie, you're the ONLY one who's miserable, I'll have you notice. And it can't be because of the sex."

"It's not the sex," Sara sighed, dropping to her knees in front of Catherine, "the sex was great. Can't compare to anything I've ever experienced before."

"Years of practice," Catherine grinned.

"It's just, you can't give me a bite and take the cake away," Sara reached up and put her hands on Catherine's thighs. "I barely got a chance to lick the frosting."

"You want another slice?"

"I want the whole cake."

"My, my, aren't you a glutton?" Catherine teased.

Sara climbed onto the couch with Catherine, she took Catherine's chin in her hand and slowly lowered her lips to Catherine's. Catherine opened her mouth to allow Sara's attacking tongue to enter. Catherine wrapped her arms around Sara, one around her waist and the other holding her head in place.

When Sara pulled away from Catherine and they both panted, Sara added, "You're a very delicious cake. Rich and creamy," Her lips began to wander from Catherine's down her neck, biting and licking, "melts in your mouth good."

"Dude!" Greg cried from his watch outside the breakroom window. "They are making out!"

"Leave 'em alone, huh?" Nick urged.

"Damn and I thought this was going to be a boring night."

"I said leave them a- Hello!" Nick's eyes widened as he watched the two women, "Is she gonna-?"

"Uh-huh." Greg smiled, biting his tongue to hold in a squeal.

"In the breakroom?"


"My lunch is in there. . ." Nick pouted.

"Oh, Sara," Catherine breathed, as Sara's mouth enveloped Catherine's nipple. "Oh jesus, baby!" Catherine's eyes fluttered shut, as the rate of her breathing sped up, "Of fuck, Sara, not in the breakroom!"

Sara continued to lick around the sensitive skin and took the hardened nipple between her teeth and gently sucked.

"Someone's gonna walk by. . ." Catherine slurred, "Someone's gonna see. . . Oooh God, Sara! You've gotta stop, I'm gonna. . ."

Sara pulled away long enough to ask her with a twinkle in her eye, "You're gonna what, babe?" Sara's hand snaked down her pants and stroke her clit in sinc with the flicks of her tongue.

"I'm gonna. . ." Catherine panted, "I'm gonna. . ." she didn't actually get a chance to finish her sentence as she was hit with an orgasm.

"Come?" Sara asked innocently after letting Catherine's breathing return to normal, or at least coherent.

"You are so naughty."

"Did she just-?" Greg demanded.

"Yes. . ." Nick was in disbelief. "I think she did."

Catherine and Sara walked out of the break room and the peeping Greg and Nick straightened up and tried to look nonchalant. They basically ignored them as the continued down the hall.

Grissom sat in his office when the two women entered, led by Catherine. He smiled, "Get everything sorted out?"

"Yup," Sara grinned.

"Sara and I are going to take off now, ok?"

Grissom shrugged, "Sure."

"We're going to go eat some cake." Sara said with a leer.

Grissom furrowed his brow. Women were a peculiar species. "Ok, have fun."