Title: Deal
Author: atfm
Author’s Email: atfm@livejournal.com
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Catherine/Sofia
Summary: "Before they actually pushed me in here, Nick said they wouldn’t let me leave the precinct today if I didn’t make a pass at you."

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Author’s Notes: Written for darandkerry, who unfailingly smoothes out the wrinkles in my fics. Hope it's okay. :) Author's Note: Again, not betaed.

Sofia looked up from her paperwork when her office door was yanked open, making the blinds rattle, and someone was hustled inside rather rudely. Only a second later, the door was slammed shut again, and the lock clicked. Tilting her head in confusion, Sofia looked at her involuntary visitor.

In the middle of the room stood Catherine with a befuddled expression on her face. The various stages of puzzlement that were discernible in her eyes and perfectly mirroring how her mind tried to work out why she was here had an almost comical quality to them. When she’d recovered from her initial perplexity, she wheeled around, took two hasty steps towards the door, and attempted to turn the knob. The door remained stubbornly closed. When trying to stare it down proved ineffective, Catherine banged her fist against it. “Guys! Not funny!”

Sofia cleared her throat. “Catherine?”

Turning to Sofia, Catherine let out an irritated snort. “Nick and Greg. We were here to question a suspect and get his prints. Apparently they decided to pull a prank on me and lock us both in your office.”

Without letting this – even for Greg – strange behaviour disturb her calm demeanour, Sofia quirked an eyebrow. “Out of the blue?”

“Well, no,” Catherine admitted. She returned to her original spot in the middle of Sofia’s office. “We did talk about you.”

“About me? Do I want to know what the nature of that conversation was?”

“They suggested that you and I ‘get it on.’” With crooked fingers, Catherine made virtual quotation marks in the air. She watched closely for Sofia’s reaction.

Her interest sparked, Sofia placed her pen on the desk next to the form she’d been in the process of filling in. Though she remained comfortably seated in her chair and seemed quite relaxed, she was obviously amused now. “And just how would they get such an idea?”

Catherine took a step forward and, leaning across the desk, spoke quietly as if she was worried about being overheard. “The guys insist that we’re having what they call ‘eye sex’” – her fingers underlined her words once more with air quotes – “every time we work a crime scene together.”

Sofia, who was perfectly aware that this was true, smirked. “How dare they.”

“Okay, don’t do this, don’t make fun of me. You’re in it, too. Before they actually pushed me in here, Nick said they wouldn’t let me leave the precinct today if I didn’t make a pass at you. I thought he was joking.”

“You could always pretend you did. Ruffle your hair, smudge your lipstick a bit, and then tell them we made out. I don’t mind.”

“I suppose that’d work,” Catherine shrugged, looking slightly disappointed. Then, a sly grin spread on her face. “Or we could really make out. Just so it looks more authentic. They’re scientists, they know fake evidence when they see it.”

Sofia laughed. “Or you could simply tell them you’re taking me out for breakfast.”

“I am?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

Catherine pondered for a moment whether this piece of information would be met with approval by Nick and Greg, and then nodded. “Deal.”

Satisfied, Sofia picked up her pen again. “Now pound on that door and demand to be let out. In fact, make it as loud as you can; I bet their ears are glued to it.”

Walking to the door, Catherine said over her shoulder, “If our breakfast date turns out to be the start of something, we’ll never hear the end of it from the guys, you know that, right?”

Sofia smiled. “I think I can live with that.”