by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

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Author's Notes: This is a retooling of a previous Voyager story I'd written. It was just begging to be rewritten for these women. It's a double alphabet challenge, and was something of a pain to write, despite how fun it was (eg)

Dedication: To MommaKat, who first mentioned writing a Kate/Magda story… And to my ePiC, who reminded me how similar the dynamics are between Kate/Magda and Janeway/Torres…

A light tug at the restraints on my wrists brought a smile to her lips. "Beautiful. Come on in, Kate, we're ready for you now."

Damned if my eyes didn't nearly pop out of my head at the sight before me. Even seeing it, I couldn't believe it was happening. Form-fitting, black leather molded itself to her legs, under a black three-quarter-sleeved poet's shirt, which brought out the red tones in her loosely curled hair. God, I'd never really understood just how beautiful she was. Hearing their soft whispers, I glanced over at Magda, who was wearing a matching charcoal grey spandex half-pants and sports bra set, her hair pulled up into a loose topknot ponytail; the look only accentuated her seemingly exotic features, the color bringing out the warmth in her skintone, the inviting chocolatey-green of her eyes, the perfect set of her oh-so-white teeth; she turned, rewarding me with a breathtaking view of the muscled back, the tight, rounded ass, and those firm legs that went on forever despite her petite stature; a thoroughbred of a woman, she sashayed over with animal grace. I knew I was a dead woman when they both turned those intense, almost feral eyes on me. Just shoot me now, I whined internally, because I won't survive this. Kaitlyn McCafferty and Magda Ramirez were standing only five feet away from me, pressing little butterfly kisses to each other's faces.

"Look, she's still coherent," I heard Kate say, then her tone changed to a panther's purr. "Magda, why don't you go give our guest a little kiss to make her feel welcome."

No words came from Magda as she moved to straddle my lap, a teasing grin slowly spreading across her face as she leaned in to flick her tongue across my lips. Only in my dreams did this ever happen in the past, and I groaned as that agile tongue of hers slipped in to tangle with my own.

"Patience, my dear," Kate chuckled, sending a shiver of need knifing through me.

Quivering, I whimpered softly as Magda slithered back over to curl up at the Captain's feet, looking up at her with feral adoration. Reaching down, the redhead laced her fingers through the ringlets, then pulled up hard, forcing the brunette's head back, and fired her a fierce look. "Strip," she purred, "and don't waste my time doing it."

Time stood still as Magda slipped out of her scant clothes. Unblemished skin greeted us as she shed the artificial outer skin, and I felt myself growing wetter at the sight of her. Visions of her naked body writhing under my tongue's assault nearly killed me as I waited for something to happen.

"What about me, Magda?"

XXX-rated thoughts danced through my head as she reached up to grasp the zipper on the leather pants with her teeth, pulling downward, exposing the creamy skin underneath as her fingers slipped into the waistband, tugging urgently. "Yes," Magda hissed as she nuzzled her face between Kate's spreading thighs, searching... Zeroing in on what I could only imagine was her clit, the darker woman latched on, head bobbing energetically back and forth. Zealous in her need, Magda was hot on the trail of her quarry, and her efforts were rewarded by Kate's moans. Yearning to be either of these incredible women, I struggled against my bonds, my eyes never leaving the show before me. Xanthic tones were more apparent in Magda's dusky skin when she was this close to the creamy rose of Kate's belly. Wishing I'd paid more attention to my dad's old stories about how to break out of cuffs, I simmered in my own juices and watched as Magda gently teased the arousal-dampened flesh.

Very soon, too soon for my tastes, the Captain's fingers were wound tightly into the dark curls, her hips rocking and bucking toward the incessant tongue. Undeniably, my partner had licked and nibbled her way to Kate's orgasm. Trying to hold back my whimper of need, I wrestled again to get myself out of my restraints.

"Someone seems a little anxious, Magda."

Rigid with desire, I was helpless to stop the brunette from crawling to kneel over my lap, grinning impishly at me with cum-damp lips. Quickly she leaned in and pressed her face to mine, transferring some of that moisture to my own. Pumped by what I'd just witnessed, I couldn't help my tongue flicking out to sample what the Captain tasted like. Oh god, I thought as Magda's lips covered mine again, my own tongue lapping at her wet face for what seemed like forever. Nice...

Magda's sudden short high Chihuahua squeak temporarily jolted me from my little suck-fest, and I found myself staring into wide, lust-filled mint milk chocolate eyes, her mouth hanging open in that surprised 'o' shape; the shudder rippling through her body that caused her nipples to stand out like butterscotch candies topping mounds of caramel ice cream fascinated me and I had to see why she was acting like this, but as my eyes traveled behind her, I heard Kate murmur, "That's right, Magda, that's what you want, a long, hard fuck with Jinny tied up, watching as you come hard."

Lord have mercy, but this was going to be the death of me!

"Kiss her," came the soft command, and I just stared at the two of them. "Jinny's waiting, Magda. I don't want her to feel left out while I get you off."

Her kiss was desperate, and I could only imagine how many fingers Kate had deep inside her. God, I was jealous of...well, of both of them!

From where I sat, I could see the storm was coming, and coming quickly. Entirely too quickly for my taste, Kate's expert fingers stroked Magda toward what was gearing up to be an explosive orgasm. Drawn to the rhythm of her shuddering body, I wished I could wrap my arms around Magda as she came with a loud wail.

"Come on, Mags," I murmured encouragingly; it was the only thing I could do in my present state as she shook and quivered on Kate's fingertips.

"Baby," Magda smiled and finally managed to get the breath to rasp, "you're next."

And then the alarm went off.