Flood - Part One

by Shatterpath

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Author's Notes: Notes about the chapter, ‘A Love Scene’: This was originally a stand-alone story that I wanted to see it incorporated into a larger tale. A guy friend of mine told me I couldn’t write a raunchy love scene just for the sake of writing it. This was to prove him wrong. Ironically, this is the third incarnation of this particular piece; I just keep changing the characters. Originally a Janeway/Seven, later a Sam/Janet and now these two sexy cops!

Warnings/Spoilers: I don’t think I have any specific spoilers for the Division. Be warned of hot, sweaty girlsmut. If that’s not your thing, they what the hell are you doing here?

Oh, and beware of a little bit of filthy language. It was fun to write about two characters that realistically wouldn’t have an issue with being a little more ‘base’ in their language.


Ever had one of those days? The ones that paralyze you with anger and stress? I was utterly wiped out from a four-day sting and wanted nothing more than to collapse into bed and sleep for days. The noise caught my attention first, even as I reached for the lightswitch. The acoustics were wrong, I could tell even after living here for only a couple of months. The sharp click of the switch echoed all wrong and provided no light. Weirded out now, I went into my purse to grab my flashlight. Only to freeze in horror.


Who in the hell would be calling at...

One eye cracked open. Good Lord... it was 4:15 in the morning. Oh, this had better be good...

"'Lo?" I slurred incoherently into the receiver.

"CD? Is that you?" I knew that voice, didn't I? "I'm so sorry to call you at this hour, but I'm desperate."

Finally, the voice clicked. "Jinny?"


Then her tone registered and protective-cop instincts flooded my system with adrenaline. "Are you okay?" I was wide awake now, clear-headed and demanding answers.

"My... my apartment is flooded."

"Huh?" Not the most professional of answers, but it was all I could come up with at the moment.

"CD," her voice was wheedling and I realized with a start that the woman was on the verge of tears. "I don't know what to do. Mags left for a camping trip and this damn stuff is waist deep. All my crap's in here and I dunno what to do! I can't even see into the goddamn kitchen and there's no electricity..." Jinny's voice was rising, bordering on hysteria.

"Jinny!" I shouted and she lapsed into agitated panting. So much for a decent night's sleep... "Where are you?"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. What's your address?"


I desperately fought hysterical sobs after I hung up with CD. With Magda gone, I had been desperate enough to call the second person that passed through my mind. My landlord had been less than understanding about the emergency and I was pretty much on my own. There would be no point in looking for someone to pump the place out before morning and my stuff had already been soaking for what appeared to be days. What goddamn difference would another half day make?

There were heavy, precise footfalls in the echoing staircase that danced across the surface of the water in accompaniment to a very bright beam of light. "Holy shit," CD murmured as she ducked to peer inside. "You okay, Jin?"

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen, with her powerful torch at last illuminating the true extent of the damage, I answered in the only way I had left.

I burst into tears.


Exstead had never been one for tears, and her sudden misery prompted me to gingerly step into the icy water. Crist, that was cold! What a nasty surprise to come home to. The water was above the level of nearly all of the furniture, giving the rooms an eerie appearance of being too short and too empty. "Jinny," I murmured again, trying to soothe her as I waded closer. Hunched into herself, Jinny looked like a wounded animal. A flinch rippled down her body as I touched her shoulder, curling my fingers into the familiar black leather coat. The touch was a catalyst as Jinny turned and collapsed into my larger body. Startled by the extremely uncharacteristic show of weakness, I gathered her into a strong hug and waited for the storm to pass.

In time, the death grip around my ribs began to lessen and her sobbing became irregular hiccups. When she stiffened self-consciously, I gripped tighter. I liked the way she felt, liked that I could do this for her, liked the way... and stopped that thought right there. Resettling my embrace around her smaller body, I squeezed until there was a small noise in my ear that was half squeak and half sigh. "Let's see what we can salvage," I encouraged her before letting go.


I wasn't certain how to thank CD for everything she'd done for me in a couple of short hours. Trudging through deep water, hauling things up the stairs in her sodden clothes, putting my things in her poor car. She loved that silver Durango the way most people love their dogs and had showed no hesitation in messing it up for me. Wow.

As for the hug that wouldn't leave my mind... I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it. And if I examined the feelings too closely, I was afraid of what I might learn. The constant cold was draining and I was so exhausted I was numb. CD had slogged through the water right alongside me without a murmur of complaint, except the couple of times she rapped her legs into hidden furniture. Twice, startled tenants and my asshole landlord interrupted us. He was lucky I couldn't move through the damn lake very fast. But CD flashed him a look that sent him on his way with more haste than I was accustomed to. There was a rush of warm feelings towards her that made my throat ache.

Slogging back over to me, I noticed just how soaked she really was. The denim and flannel clung to her, but not as tightly as the nearly transparent wifebeater adhered to her torso. For an endless, startled moment, I stared at the outline of her fine body through the material, her pale skin and rigid nipples clearly visible through the cloth. Some undefined, hormonal reaction made my insides jump and clench and suddenly I wasn't so cold anymore. There was no way in hell that I would admit that the sight of her wet and ready was in turn making me wet and ready...

A sudden voice breaking in with, "holy shit," nearly sent me into cardiac arrest. Then I placed the voice with a face as Nate crouched on the lowest dry step. Before I could bark at him for scaring us, the smell of hot lattes and egg McMuffins drifted over the water and my stomach awakened with an irritated growl.

"Oh, bless you, Nate Russo," CD almost purred and immediately waded over to him with all haste. Thank God she hadn't noticed me ogling.

"Man, you weren't kidding," Nate sympathized as we perched on the steps by his feet and he silently handed over caffeine and calories. "This sucks, Jinny. There's a guy due to be here in a couple hours to pump this out. I'll stay put so that you can go sleep. You got a place to go?"

Did I?


The minute Jinny paused mid-chew and stared at Nate like a deer in headlights, I swallowed hard and jumped in. "Come stay with me. I have a great couch and enough space to accommodate one more."

For a long moment, Jinny just stared at me. She was cold, wet and obviously still in shock from her traumatic morning. I silently wished for her to accept my invitation, to let me try and help erase the shadows from her vibrant eyes. "Okay," she whispered hoarsely. "I've spent months on a couch. A few more days won't kill me."

She sounded so defeated that my heart ached painfully. My hand on her arm made Jinny flinch and then lean into me. "Come on," I coaxed softly like I was talking to a spooked horse or a scared dog. Obediently, Jinny followed me back into the mess for a final wade-through before we slogged out for good. "Thanks Nate," I thanked him softly and he grinned to cover the worry in his eyes.

"No problem. The Captain knows what happened and I'll see you tomorrow. You okay to drive?"

"Yeah, I'll be okay with the coffee, thanks. Let me know what the building contractor says when all this is pumped out and see what's salvageable."

"You got it. Sleep well." We murmured thank you and headed for my poor car. "Oh, and CD?" He called with a familiar note of teasing in his voice. "You might want to button up before you get a ticket for indecent exposure."


I couldn't help it and burst out laughing at CD turning pink under the damp blonde hair. It felt euphoric as the humor rushed through my system, carrying away the worst of my morning. Obviously braless, chilled and wet, CD was flashing her partner more information about her anatomy than he really needed to know. It was hysterical and my laughter earned me fond, dirty looks. Pulling her sodden flannel around her torso and grabbing me in a headlock, CD headed for the SUV. Good thing she was so much taller than I was so that I could mince awkwardly alongside her, still chuckling. CD's flesh was warm under the wet clothes and strong muscles played beneath my touch.

"Pain in my ass," she murmured and set me into a fresh round of giggles. It was very therapeutic. At the car, CD yanked the door open and roughhoused me into the seat. I missed the forceful play that I'd grown up with and was enjoying her immensely. Exhausted, but feeling better than I could have imagined, I relaxed back into my seat as CD climbed in beside me. "I dunno about you," she said wearily. "But I'm wiped out." A quick swat on my leg made me jump and scared off the guilty feelings. "You make sure I stay awake `till we get to my place."


Morning traffic was picking up as the sun grew warm and full around us. Thankfully, we missed the worst of it and made good time across a few large neighborhoods. When CD started looking spacey, I'd poke her in the arm and chatter about some random subject. I told her about the case I just left, and Magda's son, and the dog I'd had as a teenager. It was probably more than anyone knew about me outside of my partner. Why I was okay with being vulnerable with her, I didn't know.

But I was.


By the time I finally slid to halt in my familiar parking spot, I was shaking with fatigue. There was a strange twilight stage of consciousness where I could function for days, but it was exhausting and damaging in the long run. I was very close to that state. It was going to be a serious challenge to unwind enough to sleep and not ride the adrenaline indefinitely.

"C'mon then," I muttered and dragged myself from behind the wheel.

"Should we bring this stuff in, before it ruins your car?"

"Yeah," I acceded reluctantly. There would be little sleep for me today...

By the time we had unloaded Jinny's drenched wardrobe and piled it into the spare bathtub, we were drenched all over again. And my damn jeans had chaffed me raw. What I wanted was one of the beers at the bottom of the fridge, but refrained. It wasn't even noon yet, and I wanted to respect Jinny. So orange juice was my second choice.


It was odd to hear her familiar voice in my kitchen. Like a scruffy alley cat, unsure of her welcome, Jinny hovered in the doorway, eyes wide. "Wanna shower?" I asked and smiled wearily.


I was desperate for a shower, but so was she. It had been a very long few days and I was wiped out and in emotional shock. That was the only thing that could explain the avalanche of images that went through my head.

CD's cold-hard nipples, the fantasy of her wet, warm and naked in the shower's spray, those strong, sure hands roving over her glistening skin. How soft was her skin where it lay hidden beneath her clothes? The long expanses of back, belly, thighs...

It was so real, that I was surprised to find myself still standing in her kitchen. Curious blue eyes regarded me from across the room, that agile detective mind trying to pick me apart. Like she wasn't sexy already... That keen intelligence was going to make me combust.

But... but this was CD... I'd worked alongside her for years with no indication of these sand storm hormones. And... she was a girl. Sure, a tall, striking, good-looking girl who embodied all the qualities that made me salivate... but...

"Shower," I squeaked around the tightness in my body and the heat burning just under my skin. "I'll, um, be quick..."

And basically bolted from the room.


Man, that wide-eyed look was going to unravel me. That dichotomy of strength and vulnerability that was so uniquely Jinny was maddening. My suddenly overactive imagination could picture her, pinned beneath me, those striking eyes wide and needy, skin sweaty, chest rising and falling with labored breaths. Hot and sweaty, squirming on the sheets, she was dark, sexy... and desperate to be fucked.

Water drops on her pale skin, slicking back her hair into a black sheet, outlining the muscles in her back and drawing my eye to the slopes and curves of her body. What did she look like under all that formal black? Under that jacket worn like armor in counterpoint to her `need nobody' attitude?

Why this unexpected burn for this... woman. Why now?

I was so lost in thought that Jinny's reappearance nearly scared me to death. And I smiled despite myself to see her huddled in my heavy blue robe. "Sorry to take this," Jinny stammered. "But I couldn't find anything else." Stepping in close, I raked my eyes over her, noting the bare toes peeking out.

"It's okay, Jinny. That's what it's for. Let me get you something to wear."

I had to walk away before my imagery of her naked under my clothes ran away with me...


Still cold from our morning, I huddled into the warm terrycloth and tried to ignore the subtle scent of her clinging to the fabric. The bathroom had been even worse... surrounded by the smells I knew were hers, and had never really taken conscious note before. The brief, hot shower had triggered off every aroma, and my fantasies had gone crazy. Now all I could think of was that I was wearing her clothes...

I nearly shrieked in shock when she materialized in my personal space, close enough to touch. "Here," CD said quietly and held out a pile of material. "These'll be warm." Her smile turned wicked and I caught my breath at the power of it. "If not a little big."

I was being teased and my perverse sense of humor rose to the challenge... sort of. "Are you calling me short?"

Crystalline eyes a' twinkle, CD raised her hands up to placate me. "Wouldn't dream of it."

I loved the banter, awkward as it was, and felt safe playing with her like this. So I stepped into her space and poked her in the middle of the chest. "Listen Amazon, just because you tower like the Space Needle..."


Watching her crystalline eyes light up had been an amazing experience. Mischievous and carefree suddenly, Jinny stepped close enough that our bodies almost touched. I felt her poke, but only saw her mouth move, only saw the deep shadows of cleavage in the gaping robe...

Something in my gaze made her back off so that I could again hold out the clothes I'd found and wordlessly retreat. I needed sleep so bad... Needed to get all these strange feelings to stop hounding me. The walk to my bedroom reminded me just how abused my poor skin was, the wet denim having chafed me raw in some very sensitive places. So I hurriedly stripped everything off and sighed in relief. I was mottled red and white from the chaffing and the cold and basked in the steam that began to fill the small room from the running water. A long, hot shower took off the chill, and some expensive and little-used moisturizers soothed my skin. It smelled good and I enjoyed the sensual thrill of running my hands over my damp flesh.

The long, hot shower worked wonders, left me calm and happy. Unfortunately, I was still too wired to sleep and the TV was in the living room. Damn. There was no point of even brushing my still-short hair, so I dressed and wandered out, running my fingers through the wet tresses. I didn't know where Jinny was at as I wandered to the front door to check the pile of mail I hadn't bothered to go through yet. There was the usual bullshit, bills and junk, as well as a cigar-box sized package from that familiar address in Los Angeles. Pulling open the box, a DVD, a box of See's candy, an enormous bag of familiar trailmix and a handful of microwave popcorn packets slid out and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.


I had snuggled down into the couch when CD had returned to the living room, unwilling to face the woman who was affecting me so strongly. Then as it sounded like she was going through her mail, I heard a wonderful warm, rich rumble of delighted laughter. It was too much too resist and I peaked my head over the back of the couch to watch her. There was a softly pleased smile dancing around her mouth as she studied the contents of the box in her hands. My movement must've caught her eye, for the smile turned on me.

"My sister," CD explained and gestured at her armload. "You can't sleep either? How about a movie?"

That's how I found myself curled up on CD's sofa, safe, warm and happy, with a huge bowl of popcorn and a valuable DVD, courtesy of CD's sister in LA. I had sneaked a peek at the letter that was with the packets of microwave popcorn, a huge bag of munchies that seemed to be primarily m&m's and peanuts, and a preview copy of `Harry Potter'. When I had half-heartedly objected to the kid's movie, CD had playfully scolded me. "You'll get a kick out of it, it's cute. Courtney works for a publicity company in Hollywood, and they had a hand in the distribution of this one. She dragged me out to see it over Christmas and it was fun. So now I have it a month before it's in stores." That mischievous smile made my heart race.

"Your sister's name is Courtney?"

And my skeptical tone set her off laughing again.


With the popcorn bowl wedged firmly between us, I hit the play button and prepared to enjoy `Harry Potter' again. It was Courtney that had given me all of the fancy home theater components over the last couple of years, under the insistence that I had to have it to enjoy the samples she sent me. Frankly, I thought it was her excuse to get us to bond, because we hadn't been close for all those years. Our personalities and goals were so diametrically opposite that it was difficult to have a relationship with her, despite the fact that I missed her badly. Shaking off that train of thought, I sprawled back into my sofa and let my mind wander.

It didn't take long for Jinny to start fading in and out and eventually she was resting heavily on my shoulder. Despite my earlier conflicting emotions, or maybe because of them, I tugged at her until the dark head rested in my lap. Moaning softly, she squirmed around to make herself comfy and settled in with a soft sigh. Like iron to a magnet, I was drawn to her, my fingers creeping into that fascinating dark hair. Tenderly massaging her scalp, I listened to her moan quietly as she went heavy and boneless.

I made it to the scene with Fluffy, the giant three-headed dog, before my own exhaustion got the best of me.


There's something about waking up with another person for the first time, the smell and feel of another's body so close. The memories...

I had fallen asleep in CD's lap. Even now, I had tucked my nose into the valley between her thighs and her intoxicating warmth relaxed and thrilled me. One gentle hand was wound into my hair above my ear, the curve of her fingers and palm tight against my skull. When I cracked an eye open, I was looking down the length of her long legs where they were still propped up on the coffee table. Beyond the lazily crossed feet, the TV glowed blue with `DVD' written in a fancy logo. The white curtains glowed orange from the skies outside and the room was fairly dim. Then I realized that it was dusk as my horrible morning rushed back to me. When I tensed, CD's hand and legs flexed, her breath deepening in a long sigh. A low, sleepy tone behind my head, deep in her body, made the fine little hairs on my body stand up in attention.

"Jin?" CD moaned quietly, confusion and warmth in her tone. The thought of what that tone could mean in a different context made me moan back even more softly and bury my face in her lap. Not quite in as an embarrassing position as I could be if I turned my head further into her crotch.

"We should probably get up if we want to be any use tomorrow."

"Yeah, guess you're right. I'll show you where the washing machine is."


It astonished me how quickly we had grown comfortable with one another. Jinny had spent most of that first night doing laundry and catching up on her files via my computer. I puttered around, finished the movie, and finally kicked her in the ass to get a few hours of sleep before we were due back at the division. Nate and the Captain were concerned and sympathetic to Jinny, offering to help if they could. Unexpected warmth spread through me when the smaller woman had fired me a grateful grin and said, "naw, CD's taking great care of me." I could hardly stop smiling all day.

The day passed quietly, Nate and I leaving to check out a homicide as Jinny was reaming out some stubborn insurance agent over the phone. "Wouldn't want to be that guy," my partner muttered once safely out of earshot of my new roomie. "She holding up okay?"

"I think so, why?"

"Just checking. And you?"


"Yes CD, you. Gotta be weird to suddenly have someone living with you."

"It hasn't sunk in yet. Ask me again in a week."


I had been stuck at the division far later than was right for someone who had come in on her day off to do paperwork, but my car was still at my apartment and I really didn't want to ask anyone for a ride. At nearly ten PM, Nate and CD had finally dragged back in from what had started out as a simple homicide. "That's the last time I make a comment like that," Nate groaned and flopped into his chair.

"What did you do?" I chuckled and CD snorted irritably at him.

"Sherlock here decided to tempt Murphy today. `It'll be a piece of cake, CD. You'll see.' Yeah, right. A simple canvass turned into an all day pain in my ass," she mocked and I laughed in sympathy. "And now," she added and glared at her partner. "I'm going home to sleep. C'mon."

"You got it. `Night Nate."

"You girls have fun."

There was little conversation as we sat in the silver Durango, even though I wanted to offer to drive. CD really did look tired. The way she kept rubbing at her neck was making my muscles clench in sympathy. "Wanna backrub?"

There was a heavy silence as the security gate rolled back and CD flashed me an odd look. "Actually," she hedged. "That would be great. The stress gets to me sometimes, ya know?"

"Oh, I know."

We were quiet entering the apartment, CD wandering immediately back to her bedroom, still rubbing her neck. Not knowing what else to do with myself, and feeling uncomfortable about my offer, I hit the kitchen to see what I had to work with. The plumbing groaned and I knew she was in the shower. That gave me a few minutes to collect my thoughts... To rein in those illicit fantasies bubbling back the surface. Sobriety was hell sometimes.

I had a little time to look around, and grabbed a bottle of almond oil from a cupboard, before creeping down the hallway. A soft light led me to the only bedroom in the place and I was immeasurably pleased with the scene. Looked like tough ole' CD DeLorenzo liked her creature comforts. The bed was impossibly thick, strewn with pillows and an amazing quilt that, when I crept over to touch, was obviously handmade. It was a queen-sized shrine to comfort, framed by spires of whitewashed wrought iron that twisted and climbed like ivy to hold a ceiling-high frame draped in gauzy cloth. When I knelt on one knee to clear a spot, I was shocked by the decadence of soft and firm under the press of my body. Done in every shade of blue and green, the mountain of comfort was soothing as I set the bottle aside and sank both hands in. Shit, I could get lost in this...

The click of the bathroom door made me look over, the smile still lingering. To give myself credit for not being a total Neanderthal, I first noticed the exhaustion lingering in her eyes and across the stance of her body. A very long, sexy body, enticingly wrapped in loose purple silk that barely fell to mid-thigh. "Glad to see you were serious," CD grated out softly and dragged herself over to the bed. Good God Almighty, the woman had legs to die for and they ran on forever...

"Yep," I answered intelligently and stood up to let her settle down. Only to stare like some horny teenage boy as she tugged open the short robe and let it slide down her arms. That first impression of smooth skin and warm curves was seared into my brain. Then I saw the scratches and bruising on her shoulder and both hands reached out on their own to touch her arm. "What happened?"

The soft question earned a scowl and CD rubbed her forehead hard. Too hard. "I tripped," she growled self-consciously and I smiled in sympathy. "We were in a dirty warehouse all day and I wasn't watching my feet. I had to threaten Nate not to tell the Captain. I'm fine dammit."

"Sure you are," I deadpanned. "That's why your neck is so stiff you can barely turn your head and your shoulder's turning blue. Lay down, brave one, before you fall down."

Too my astonishment, CD fired me a sideways glare that was as vulnerable as it was irritated. As distracting as her lanky nakedness as I was, my concern for her injuries was topmost. It took a little careful maneuvering, but CD was at last sprawled loosely atop the blue sheet on her stomach, skin golden in the pale light. Her short hair was already staring to feather away from the spiky clumps of wetness and I had the sudden, insane need to know what it felt like. And, once again, my hands had a mind of their own and the thick, damp warmth of the pale tresses was heavenly on my sensitive fingers and palm. A twitch ran down CD's prone body, half relief and half fear of my proximity. I understood completely. It was hard to let go of that constant need to watch your back, to observe everyone that came within your sphere of influence, just in case...

Kneeling on the mattress, I flexed my fingers into her scalp, fascinated by the responses in her body, the small sounds that rumbled up from her chest. Once settled, I reached out the free hand to allow it to hover only millimeters above the fine muscles of her back and let the heat gather between our skins. Once our temperatures matched, I allowed my eager hand to mold to her silky skin and marvel at the feeling.

"Jin," she whispered, feather-soft and I let my hands move. What she was going to add to that vulnerable syllable was a mystery to me, and in all honesty, I wasn't sure I was ready to know. Better to concentrate on taking away her pain as best I could. Not the incredible smoothness and heat of her back and shoulders, the brush of her silky hair...

It could have been moments or an eternity that we were utterly lost in this primitive sensuousness of touch and heat. Straddling her strong ass, I kneaded into her tight muscles, feeling my own body, sweaty and confined inside my clothes. CD was still on her stomach, hair dry and feathery against the sheet, two pillows propping up her injured side, her face in profile shifting in sync with my movements. The new pains had been comparatively easy to soothe away, revealing a quarry of lingering stress and hurts. I was a woman possessed, driven to see the plain of her back soft and pliable. The need brought out skills I didn't even know I had. A childhood delight in rubbing my father's back when he was home, scratching my small fingers over the enormous terrain. It was a peaceful memory that I cherished in its simplicity. By now she was moaning almost soundlessly in counterpoint to my touch, the oil slick between us, her skin flushed rosy and hot.

When the signal came, I saw it even as it bubbled up from beneath the surface. An animal note of surrender, something unknotting deep inside, the body beneath me going liquid and boneless. A soft sob, her fingers curing weakly into the sheets. I had done it; I had broken down the stress. For the pure sensual thrill of feeling, I skimmed my ultra-sensitized hands over her body a last time and smiled. CD's uninjured arm curled up blindly, fingers curling in a weak `come hither' gesture. Curious, I leaned in, felt them caress my cheek, curl into my sweaty hair; tug me down to lie against her softened body. The sensation was quite possibly the purest pleasure I had experienced since the innocence of childhood and something inside me shifted.

She meant something to me now...

To be continued... here