I Kissed A Girl

by Candy

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Author's Notes: My first f/f fic (NOT NC-17 yet I guess), feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Today she'd do it. She had told herself that for almost two weeks now but there had always been another excuse, time after time, day after day. "Hey Magda, I'll have to talk to Casey, I'll be back in 30." She tells her partner, grabs her leather jacket and is gone like a whirlwind.


"Hey Jin!" Casey greeted his sister. "So how's it going?"

She just growled. "Don't ask!"

Casey rolls his eyes. "Come on it's been two weeks since you asked for my help, don't tell me you still haven't..." He stops as she gives him a 'drop it!' glare.

"Hey it's not that easy!" She protests.

"Who are you and what did you to my 'kick ass, let's get over with it, what's the big deal anyways?' sister?" He jokes but that just earns him another glare. Upon that he sighs. "Ok Jinny. Here's what you do:" He turns her around and starts to shove her back into the direction she came from. "You'll go in there and do what you have to do. I know you can do it! And don't talk to me again unless you haven't done anything about it." He turns around and walks away again.

Jinny sighs. "Yeah you're right." She says it more to herself than him since he can't hear her anymore anyways.


A short while later Jinny walks back into the Division. She sees CD walk into the ladies' room and follows her.

"Hey Jin." CD smiles at her.

"Hey CD." *Now or never!* She thinks and walks right up to her. *Now how do I starts this?* "Nice shirt."

"Thanks." CD closes her locker. "Jinny, is something wrong? You know, for the past weeks you seemed somehow distracted and if there's anything I can help you with, I just want you to know..."

Jinny doesn't let her finish that sentence but shuts her up by backing her up against her locker and leaning up she brushes her lips over CD's.

That was that last thing CD had expected. She's totally taken by surprise. Since she neither responds nor pulls back Jinny probes further. She nuzzles her lips and lets her tongue flicker out to lick over her lips.

CD has meanwhile regained a little of her composure again. She slightly parts her lips and lets her own tongue dart out to shortly trace Jinny's lips before their tongues meet and melt in the middle. They both feel as if a jolt of electricity goes through their bodies.

"Hey Jinny? Are you in there?" Suddenly they hear Magda and quickly break the kiss. As Magda walks in she sees them smirk at each other but doesn't really think about it. "We have a lead on the witness, let's go." She informs Jinny and starts to walk out again.

"See ya later." Jinny grins at CD.

"See ya." CD grins back and winks at her.


As she's alone again CD brushes her fingers over her lips. She can still feel Jinny's touch. *I kissed a girl* She thinks. She licks over her lips and it finally all downs on her. How sweet her lips tasted, how tender but still strong the kiss was. And suddenly everything that had been confusing her made perfect sense. She looks into the mirror happily. "I kissed a girl. I kissed Jinny!" Her lips curve into the broadest smile that mirror had ever seen.