by angelfish

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Spoilers: This fanfiction takes place after "Intervention" (Season 1 finale).

Summary: Did the intervention bring Jinny to her senses, or will it take something a little bigger to help her see the light.

Jinny slammed the door hard as she flew out of her fathers house. She paused on the steps, tears building up in her eyes. She reached up and clenched her hair in frustration, wondering what she going to do next. She ran down over the steps towards her car which was parked at the curb. Sitting inside, all she could hear where their voices, and she pounded the steering wheel, and cursed to her self.

"God damn it!" she yelled, as she started to cry. What right did they have to ambush her like that. To embarrass her like that. She wiped her eyes in her sleeve and looked back towards the house. Her eyes immediately caught Magda's, who was watching her from the living room window. She looks so sad, Jinny thought, but quickly pushed it out ofher head. She turned her attention back to the car, started the ignition, and with a squeal of her tires, sped away.

Magda watched helplessly, as her best friend vanished into the black night. She crossed her arms, as she continued to stare out the window, perhaps hoping that Jinny would turn around and come back.

"So, that's it?" Magda asked, "We just let her go?"

No one said a word, just sort of looked at each other, waiting for someone else to answer.

"Yes," said Sandra, the mediator for the intervention, who had been summoned by Kate, "She wasn't ready to hear this. Give her some time for it to absorb all of this."

Magda turned around and face the crowd of long faces.

"We can't force her to get help," Sandra continued, "The harder we push, the harder she'll push, until she realizes that we are doing this for her own good. We can only encourage her to do what's right, but, ultimately it's her decision. You all showed her, tonight, how much you care about her, even if she doesn't realize it right away."

Magda looked up at the ceiling, knowing that what Sandra was saying was right. She walked back over to the couch, and sat down next to C.D., and buried her face in her hands. C.D. placed a tender hand on Magda's back to comfort her.

"It'll be ok," C.D. said, not knowing if she was trying to convince Magda or herself.

"How do you know?" said Magda, "She's my best friend. How do I get her back?"

"I don't know, Mag," C.D. said, pulling Magda to her side, "I don't know."

"It's called 'Tough Love'," said Sandra, "I know it seems harsh, but it's the best thing for her right now. She'll see it, eventually."

Everybody silently nodded in agreement. Tough Love.

"Ok, guys," Sandra said, as she stood up from her chair, "It's been a long night. You should all go home and try to get some rest. If any of you hear from her, please let me know."

Where was she going to go? She knew she couldn't go home or to the Anchorside. That would be to obvious. Someone would find her.

"Damn them," Jinny said aloud as she drove around the city.

She reached over and turned on the radio in an attempt to drown out the voices of her so-called friends. She had a killer headache, but turned it up as loud as her head would allow her.

Jinny found herself driving towards her favorite seclusion spot, underneath one of the support girders of the Golden Gate Bridge, away from the city. This was the place she went to get away from those everyday existences, that even drinking couldn't soothe. She sat in silence for a few seconds, then remembered the bottle of Jack Daniels she had tucked away in the trunk. Hoping that they had not found it she went in search. She found it where she had hidden it, in the carjack compartment.

Jinny grabbed the bottle and walked toward the front of the car. She sat down and leaned back against the front bumper. She unscrewed the bottle and stared at the golden liquid inside. Swirling the bottle around, thoughts of the evenings events raced through her head. Their voices invaded her head, and her anger grew.

"Aghhh!" she yelled as she stood up and threw the bottle as far as she could. The bottle smashed as Jinny lost control.

She picked up a large rock and threw that in the same direction as the bottle. She grabbed her hair as she continued to scream, and started pacing back and forth. Her anger intensified. She turned towards her car and put her hands on the hood as her screams turned into tears. She drew back her right arm and fired it into the hood of the silver Camaro.

Jinny heard the awful sound before she felt any pain, and she knew immediately what had happened. She grabbed her hand and held it as the pain began to register in her brain.

"DAMN IT!" she yelled, as she crouched down into the headlight beam and examined her hand. It was obvious to her that she had broken her hand. It was purple, swollen and she could not move her fingers. She began to cry, as the throbbing pain made it's way up her arm.

She couldn't go to the hospital. They all knew her there and once they saw her she knew they would call someone from the division to come pick her up, and that was the last thing she wanted...needed. Jinny stood up and got back in her car. She rested her broken hand on her lap and looked at the steering column.

"How am I going to do this?" she asked herself.

She reached over with her good hand, started the car, put it in gear and drove back towards her apartment. Thank God I drive an automatic, she thought as she one-handedly maneuvered through the city streets. Every now and then she would glance down at her hand, practically watching it's shape and colour change before her eyes.

Magda opened her apartment door and found Gabriel lying on the couch. Ben was asleep beside him, his head resting peacefully on Gabe's lap. Seeing Magda open the door, he got up and lifted the sleeping boy into his arms.

"Shhh," he whispered, "Just fell asleep about 10 minutes ago."

Gabe brought Ben to his room and put him to bed. When he then returned to the living room, Magda was standing by the window, looking out over the lights of the city.

"How'd it go?" Gabe inquired, as he walked up behind her. He put his arms around and rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Not as well as I'd hoped," was her reply, "We spoke, she spoke. A lot of issues came out. It was pretty emotional."

"And?" pressed Gabe.

"And, then she left," said Magda, "I mean, she pretty much said 'Thanks, but no thanks' and left. No one knows where she went. I was going to go after her, but Sandra thought it would be best if we just let her go. You know, give her time to think about things." "She's probably right," said Gabriel. He heard Magda sniff and said, "I'm so sorry."

Magda turned to face Gabriel, tears staining her bronze cheeks. Gabe wrapped his arms around her and she cried into his chest.

After a few minutes, Gabriel pulled her away slowly and looked into her eyes.

"Magda," he said, "I've got something to ask you. I know this is probably not the right time."

He paused for only a second to think of the right words, then pulled out a small box. He opened it to Magda exposing this engagement ring inside. Magda took a small step back, but Gabe was holding on to her hand, preventing her from going any further.

"Magda Ramierez, will you marry me?"

By the time Jinny arrived home, nausea was setting in from the intense pain, and she was light headed and dizzy. She unlocked her apartment door, and made her way towards the kitchen. She was halfway there, when her vision started to blur and her stomach uneased. She stopped and grabbed onto the end table, as she watched as the world around her swayed. She choked back whatever was churning in her stomach. A few seconds later, her vision came back into focus and her stomach settled. She let go of the table and made for the fridge. She got some ice and closed the fridge door. She put the ice in a dish towel and walked towards her bathroom.

As she walked down the hall, she heard the phone ring. She stopped in her tracks and looked behind her at the phone. Let the machine get it, a voice inside her spinning head said. Jinny stood frozen in her tracks as the machine kicked in and she rolled her eyes when Magda's voice became audible.

"Yeah right," she said aloud, "They 'care' about me. Whatever."

She turned and continued on to the bathroom. She turned on the light and walked to the sink. She put the towel of ice in the sink, then reached into the cupboard underneath to get a pressure bandage. When she stood up, another dizzy spell and wave of nausea took over Jinny's body. This time, she couldn't hold back her stomach and vomited into the sink. She leaned on the counter as she vomitted, her good hand clenched onto one side of the sink. She rested her other forearm on the counter. She looked up into the mirror, her face a sea of perspiration.

Oh God, she thought, her body suddenly becoming very heavy. She couldn't fight it anymore and her body buckled. As she collapsed under her own weight, her head hit the edge of the counter, instantly splitting open her forehead. Her body crumpled to the bathroom floor, blood spewing out from her forehead onto the black and white checkered tiles.

Help me, Jinny whimpered, barely audible to herself, as her eyes closed and her world went dark.

"Jinny, it's me," Magda spoke into the answering machine, "I know you're probably not there, but when you get this please call me. I'm probably the last person you want to talk to right now, but just let me know you're alright. Umm...ok. Uh, bye."

She paused for a second before hanging up, in hopes that Jinny was actually there and would pick up. No such luck.

"No answer," Gabe asked, as Magda hung up the phone and took a seat on the couch next to him.

"No," she sighed, shaking her head.

The girls arrived at work, the next day, each one looking like they hadn't slept that night. And no more they had. Everyone was still exhausted from the previous nights transpirations. Neither of them had heard from Jinny since then, and each was equally concerned.

Having spent the better half of the morning at their desks, C.D. decided to break the ever-present tension. She stood up and looked over at Magda. She could see how much this was affecting her, so she walked over to her desk and sat on the corner.

"How you holdin' up, Mag?" C.D. questioned.

Magda didn't look up. She just put her hand on her head and sighed.

"I'm trying," sighed Magda, "But, something doesn't feel right."

Angela, noting the conversation, turned in her chair to face the two women.

"Like what?" she asked.

"I don't know," Magda said, lifting her head up and leaning back into her chair, concern written all over her face, "She's really got me worried. I just wish she had picked up the phone last night."

"You called?" interupted C.D.

"Yeah," Magda defended, "I know Sandra said to give her time, but I wanted to make sure she was ok. I even went to all the bars she goes to, before I went home. Nothing. Nobody even saw her."

"But that's a good thing," quipped Angela.

"Yeah, I guess," said Magda, "But she could have gone elsewhere.”

"Have you called today?" asked C.D.

"No, not yet." was her reply.

C.D. and Angela just looked at Magda. She looked back, and then looked at her watch. 11:23 a.m. She straightened up in her chair and reached for the phone. She punched Jinny's number, and waited, while the other two looked on. Six rings went in, then Jinny's answering machine picked up.

"Machine," Magda said as she waited for the beep, "Hi Jin, it's Magda. Are you there? If you are pick up."

She paused and then continued.

"Jin? Alright, if you get this, please call me. I'm real worried about you. I'm at work, so you can...."

Magda stopped mid-sentence, and leaned forward in her chair. The girls noticed.

"What?" asked C.D., before she was hushed by Magda.

Magda listened intently before speaking loudly into the phone.

"Jin?!" she said, "Jin, is that you? Hello? Jinny?"

Magda hung up the phone, stood up and looked at the girls.

"What?" asked C.D. again as she stood up from the corner of Magda's desk, "What's wrong?"

"There was a crash," Magda said.

"What kind of crash?" asked Angela.

"Uh..em, a crash and the phone picked up," Magda explained as she grabbed the coat off the back of her chair and began to put it on, "Then I heard a moan, I think. Something's wrong, I'm going over."

"Wait for us," said Angela as she grabbed her coat.

"No," haulted Magda, "Call an ambulance and get the Captain. Meet me there."

The two women watched as Magda left the office. They looked at each other before walking over to the Captain's office. They knocked on the door, and were immediately invited in by Kate.

"Captain," said C.D., "We've got something."

Jinny's eyes fluttered as she heard the faint sound of the phone ringing. Thank God, she said as she tried to stand up, only to discover that she couldn't. Her body was unbelieveably heavy, her head felt like a tonne of bricks and she couldn't move her hand.

"God, no," she said realizing her immobility. She had to get to the phone. It was her only chance to get help.

She gritted her teeth, mustered up what strength she could, and started pulling herself along the floor towards the living room. Each movement was filled with agonizing pain, yet she continued on towards the living room on her stomach, leaving a trail of blood as she went.

She thought she'd never get there, but knowing that that phone call was her only chance of survival, she managed to make it to the phone. Exhausted, she reached her good hand up to grab it, only to realize that it was out of reach. She didn't have the strength to stand up, and although she stretched her arm as far as possible, she couldn't reach the phone.

"No!" she cried as she lay on the flow, her body racked in pain.

The machine kicked in, and Magda's voice came through the speaker. Jinny listened then reached over and grabbed the phone cord. She gave a quick yank on the cord and the phone fell to the ground.

"Help," she whispered, hoping that Magda would hear her voice. She could hear Magda on the other end calling her name. She managed to let out one final 'help' before she drifted back into unconsciousness, again.

Magda arrived at Jinny's building and looked up at her window. The light was on, and she started up the staircase to her floor. She rounded the corner and saw that Jinny's door was ajar. Magda unholstered her gun and slowly approached the door. She looked in and didn't see anybody. She entered the apartment and looked around. She spotted Jinny laying on the floor, her eyes closed and a small puddle of blood on the floor

"Jinny?" she quietly called out. Jinny moaned but did not open her eyes.

Magda desperately wanted to run to her injured friend, but she had to be sure that Jinny's apartment was secure before doing so. She walked into the kitchen. It was clear. She walked down the hall and noticed the trail of blood. She followed it to the bathroom and saw the blood on the counter and a medium sized puddle on the floor.

"Oh, God," Magda said, when she saw the blood, knowing that it had come from Jinny.

She cleared the bathroom and the rest of Jinny's apartment and ran back to where she lay. She reached out and found her pulse. It was present but rather weak. She grabbed her cell phone and called C.D. to notify her of the situation. Then she turned back to Jinny.

"Jinny?" she asked, "Can you hear me? Help is on the way. C'mon stay with me."

Jinny moaned, and her eyes fluttered half open. She could barely make out who was beside her, but when she heard the voice, she realized it was Magda.

"Mag," she uttered.

"Shh, shh. You're going to be alright."

"I wasn't drinking," said Jinny.

Magda sighed. She knew it was true. She couldn't smell any alcohol off of her, but she had to admit that the thought had crossed her mind.

"I know," reassured Magda.

"My hand," replied Jinny.

Magda looked and noticed the discoloration and deformity of Jinny’s hand.

"Oh God, Jin. Why didn't you go to the hospital?"

"I don't know," Jinny slurred, closing her eyes.

"Ok, just rest," Magda said, as she heard the wailing of sirens outside the apartment building, "we're gonna get you fixed up."

Jinny opened her eyes and looked at Magda. She could tell that Magda didn't just mean fixing her hand. She also meant fixing her drinking problem. Jinny nodded, as a tear escaped her eye and cleared a path down her blood stained cheek. She closed her eyes, just as Kate, C.D. and Angela came through the door. They were closely followed by the paramedics.

Jinny lay in the hospital bed. Her forehead laceration required twelve stitches, and she had been rushed to surgery to fix her mangled hand.

"Hey," said Magda, peering her face around the door.

"Hi, Mag,"

"You up for some visitors?" asked Magda.


Magda pushed the door open, and C.D., Angela, and Kate walked in.

"Hi," said Jinny, bowing her head. She was too embarrassed to look at them. Especially after everything she'd done.

They greeted her back, and approached her bedside.

"How are you feeling?" asked Angela.

"Sore," said Jinny, raising her eyes to meet Angela's.

There was a period of awkward silence. Nobody knew what to say. Jinny looked at her night table, and tried to move to open the drawer, but she winced in pain.

"Here, let me help," said Magda, "What do you want?"

Jinny settled back into the bed, "There's a, uh, piece of paper in the drawer."

Magda retrieved the piece of paper, and without looking at it, handed it to Jinny. Jinny smiled slightly at Magda, her way of saying 'thanks'.

"Look," she began, staring into the blankets once again, "I'm sorry about the other night. I mean....hmmmm," she paused, "I know what you were trying to do. I couldn't see it...didn't want to see it."

She sighed, and unfolded the piece of paper in her hands. She handed it to Kate, but made no eye contact.

Kate took the paper, keeping her eyes on Jinny. She unfolded it and examined it. She looked up from the paper at Jinny, then to the other girls.

"What is it?" asked Magda. Each of the girls were equally curious about the paper.

Kate looked back at Jinny, as if asking for confirmation before sharing the contents of the paper. Jinny nodded her head, still not looking up.

Kate held up the paper to the girls. At the top was written Aspen Hills Detox Center - Confirmation of Registration. At the bottom was Jinny's hand-written signature.