by A. Magiluna Stormwriter

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[Please do not fold, spindle, or mutilate. Thank you. Shatterpath]

God, this sucks! Stuck here, waiting for a woman to slip up and give away information that I already know but can't give out. What I wouldn't do for a drink right now. Nothing much, you know? Just a little cheap vodka, that's all I need. I'll even be good and mix it with orange juice for a more respectable binge than I'm used to. Just give me something so I don't feel like I've betrayed a sacred trust.

Mags doesn't understand. She just doesn't get it. She doesn't realize just how much we end up depending on the other people in that room, the other drunks, and hope they can help stop us from taking that one sip that triggers the avalanche. And so there she sits, waiting for that other shoe to fall.

And she doesn't even realize what she's doing to me. Sitting there like that. God, does she even know? Of course, she doesn't, Jin. It's not like you've ever told her. You could come clean about everything else, everything related to your drinking. But could you come clean about your feelings? I didn't think so.

She glances over at me, an odd look in her eyes. I smile at her weakly, and hope she doesn't say anything. Thankfully, she turns back to staring at her fingernails. Those fingernails...

Shifting in my seat, I try to get comfortable and wait this thing out. This is just too boring.

"Hey, Jin? Jin?"

Blinking, I realize she's said my name and I blearily look over at her. God, did I just fall asleep? What am I? Some kind of rookie? "Sorry. What?"

"C'mere," she says softly, crooking a finger at me.

Confused, I just stare at her for a moment, then follow her siren's call. And that's when I notice we're alone in the room. The others must've gone for a pee break or something. So I slide my chair over to where she is, not wanting to leave the warmth of that cheap fabric. I gaze up at her with wide-eyed curiosity.

"You looked uncomfortable over there, mija," she murmurs. "I thought you could rest your head on my shoulder...or something closer." I follow her pointed look at her thighs.

Oh hell no! I can't do that. That would just be... What if someone walked in?

"They'd see that you're exhausted and taking a well-deserved rest," she replies.

Fuck! I said that out loud? What the fuck is my problem? I'm on a case and having these issues?

"Come on, Jin, you're exhausted. I'm not saying go home. I'm just saying catch a few z's and revitalize naturally instead of with the caffeine and sugar, like you usually do. I'll be here to watch your back and wake you if anything happens."

I really couldn't resist her offer, even if I wanted to. And my body further betrays my brain by inclining forward toward her. My cheek finds a surprisingly comfortable pillow on her right thigh, my arms laying against either leg for balance. I try to sleep, and want to, but I can't. For one, I can't seem to forget the fact that my head is resting on Magda's very shapely thigh. Second, the edge of the table is digging into my chest, and not in a way that's sleep inducing. And third? Oh this is the best part. I can smell her...and I ain't talking about that jasmine perfume she likes to wear either. No, I can smell her. And it's driving me insane. I shift around, hoping to get more comfortable and to quit inhaling that spellbinding scent.

"Jin? Something wrong?"

"The table's digging into my ribs," I grumble. "I can't get comfortable."

"Here, let me help," she says and lifts my head from her leg. I watch as she pushes herself off the wall, scooting closer to me. Her rear is now flush with the edge of the table, her crotch only a foot from me, and she puts her feet on the chair on either side of my thighs. "Come on, mija," she cajoles and pulls my head to her lap again. Only now, my head is resting against her stomach, my chin nestled against the fly of her jeans.

Oh god, how the hell am I supposed to sleep like this? But I gamely try and start to nuzzle around again, ostensibly trying to get comfortable. Oh who the hell am I kidding here? I'm doing my damnedest to get as close to the origins of that intoxicating smell...without getting into any trouble. God, I hope Magda doesn't notice what I'm doing. I don't need her to be pissed at me...or worse, think I'm some kind of sicko perv. I finally manage to get settled and curl my arms around her waist for... Okay, I don't know what for, but it feels right. And I'm just about ready to doze off when I feel her hand resting on my hair, gently stroking. Oh god, that feels good. And she's singing softly. What did I do to deserve this?

And I'm just about asleep, nose pressed against her belly button, when she shifts slightly. The movement jars me just enough for my head to slide downward. So now my forehead is pressed against her navel and my nose is firmly lodged in her crotch. Oh god, just kill me now! How the hell am I supposed to get out of this without messing things up? Or maybe I should be asking if I actually want to get out of this? God, I can smell her! This is gonna kill me! What do I do? Shit, what the fuck do I do? Pretend I'm asleep and hope she doesn't freak? That's gotta be it.


Pretend you're asleep, Jin. Don't fuck this up. Just pretend you're fucking asleep.

"Mija, I know you're awake," she says softly, and I swear I hear that teasing tone in her voice. Her fingers thread into my hair, lightly tugging my head up. "C'mon, mija, look at me."

I can't do it. No way. No fucking way. Not if my life depended on it. Not when every breath I take reminds me of where I am and what I'd like. And I won't even mention how much she's got me turned on right now. This just is so damned wrong.

"Okay," she finally replies, and now I can truly hear the indulgent humour in her voice. "If you won't look at me and talk to me, maybe you'd rather do something else to keep yourself occupied? Like taking care of what your hot breath has started?"

Wait a minute! Wait a damned minute! Did she just say...? Nah, I must be hearing her wrong. Magda's straight. She's seeing Gabe. Yeah, I must've misunderstood. I decide to move slightly, hopefully to get away from temptation. But her fingers tighten in my hair, holding me in place.

"Not so fast, mija. You started this, now you finish it."

"Mag..." I manage to rasp out, belatedly realizing my words are caressing across her denim-clad skin. "The others..."

Her delighted chuckle surrounds me, making me shiver. "If you hurry, they won't know a thing."

I lean back to stare at her, ignoring the burn of her grip in my hair. She can't be serious, can she? "Mag..." I repeat. Does she realize just how much I want to do this? How much I want to rip her clothes off and take her on that table like she was some two-bit hooker?

"What are you waiting for, Jin?" she murmurs. When I don't answer, she uses her free hand to undo the button of her jeans, then slide the zipper down. I can see the red silk of her panties and close my eyes, hoping she doesn't hear the hitch in my breath. "Look at me, mija, and see what you've done to me."

Unable to resist, I crack an eye open to find she's got her hand down her pants. I groan softly, my hands tightening reflexively against her hips. I'm drawn to the rhythmic movements of her fingers. God, what I wouldn't give for those fingers to be mine...or my tongue. Damn it, Jin! Stop it! This is your partner. Your straight partner. But she's offering...

"Maybe this will help you get motivated," she says, tracing my lips with those damp fingers. Against my better judgement, my tongue darts out to sample what she's given me. Lemon and roses. Oh god, just kill me now. "Then again, maybe not." Is that petulance I hear in her voice?

I sit there and wonder. And watch her hand slip back into her jeans. She's taunting me. Doing that whole 'if you're not gonna do it, I'll make you watch me do it' thing, knowing how I feel about challenges like that. And then I take a deep breath and make my decision.

Leaning forward, I raise my hands to grab the waistband of the black denim molded to her bronzed skin. With a quick, deft yank, the material is halfway down her thighs, and I have to bite my lip to hide the smirk at her squeal of surprise. Pushing the denim down further before sliding my hands back up her thighs, I lift her hips to get a closer look. God, she's practically dripping...and I'm blatantly drooling.

"Grab my shoulders, Mag," I murmur in warning before leaning in to glide my tongue along her sensitive flesh. I can't help the groan that vibrates against her skin. She tastes even better this way.

"Jin," she whimpers. "Mija, please."

"Shh," I breathe across her, then dive in for another attack. I want her. I want all of her. I want her screaming my name. Begging me for more. Writhing under my assault. My lips and tongue are uncontrollable, finding every possible millimeter of damp skin and branding it mine. She's writhing under me, practically laying back on the table, and that hand in my hair doesn't let up on its grip. Damn, Gabe is a lucky bastard to have this to come home to every night.

Her voice is rising in pitch, a truly beautiful crescendo as my tongue's action spirals her higher and higher. If I could, I'd cry right along with her. Hell, if I could, I'd be naked and writhing on top of her, stroking us both to the spine-shattering climax she's racing toward now.

"Jinny," she moans.

"I've got you," I murmur, never letting up. I want her to come. I want to know that I've been able to do this, just this once. Something to fuel my imagination down the line when I'm alone and craving.

"Jinny!" she suddenly cries, body stiffening. "Mija!"

I nuzzle in closer, burying my face in her flesh, not caring if I suffocated here.

"Mija? Jin? Jinny!"

My head snaps up to stare into her warm dark eyes. Wait a minute! When did she get dressed again? And standing in front of me? And get my chair back to its original... Oh god, no!

"You okay?"

"Ummm... Yeah, I guess. Why?"

Her lips curl into a delightedly devilish smirk. "You were moaning in your sleep. You sounded rather... enthusiastic, I guess is the right word."

I feel my cheeks turning flame red, just like the panties she'd been wearing... It was a dream! A fucking dream! And she has obviously heard me. And then it dawned on me. So did the other officers manning the phones. I lowered my head onto my arms on the back of the chair.

"So what was so interesting, Jin?" The laughter is right under the surface. It won't take much for her to crack and laugh at me.

"Uhh...nothing, Mags. I, uh, I didn't even realize I'd fallen asleep."

And before she could answer, the phone rang.