Title: Heartfelt Whispers
Author: Libmix
Rating: PG13 (I think. Iím clueless when it comes to ratings.
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Summary: When itís late and youíre safe, your heart speaks for you.
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Author's Disclaimer: Alas, I own nothing. Iím just borrowing for a little while.

Authorís Notes: This is my first DuVista fic over 100 words. Just a little bit of fluff.

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Beta: Thanks to Angelfire_08 for the beta.

The apartment is dark when I enter; yet I know youíre here even before I see your keys on the table. The knowledge that you came, that you finally used the key I gave you, warms me to my very soul. A slither of light appears through the bedroom door alerting me to the fact that you were sleeping. I should regret waking you but when you look at me with that half-awake smileÖ I feel my heart skip a beat and I canít bring myself to regret a thing. I donít think Iíll ever tire of that smile.

You hold out your arms to me and Iím helpless to resist. My clothes, normally folded and neatly put away, are discarded haphazardly in my need to be close to you. Your arms wrap themselves around my frame holding me near and my head comes to rest on your shoulder where I hear your heart beating strong and sure, lulling me to sleep.

Lying here I feel so safe and protected that words Iíd only thought before slip from me in a whisper.

ďI love you, Calleigh.Ē

For a moment itís as though both our hearts stop beating before restarting again in double time. Seconds feel like minutes as you slowly process the declaration. I risk lifting my head to look at you and Iím startled to see tears in your eyes.

Before I can say anything, you gently cup my cheek with your hand, guiding me towards your warm soft lips. The kiss conveys all our thoughts and feelings still unsaid in a way that words could never match. As we break apart I feel a lone tear escape. You lightly wipe it away before tenderly kissing my forehead and leading my head back to its place on your shoulder. The soothing motion of your hand through my hair and the familiar beat of your heart once again steers me towards sleep. I feel the light pressure of a kiss upon my head and whispered words reach my ears just moments before the dreams take over.

ďI love you too, Natalia. I love you, too.Ē