Title: Come Again
Author: jelly_belly99
Rating: Not for children
Pairing: Abby/Ziva, Abby/Kate
Summary: In the half dark of the lab, with Ziva’s NCIS jacket and hat, Abby sees someone else.

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Abby’s alone in the lab one night when Ziva comes to see her. She wants to know about the case they’re working on but when she asks about the DNA samples Abby doesn’t answer, just stares at her because in the half dark of the lab, with Ziva’s NCIS jacket and hat, Abby sees someone else.

“What is it?” Ziva asks, aware of the scrutiny, but Abby doesn’t answer her, and steps forward instead to kiss her.

She steps back, eyes a little wider than normal, but Abby attacks again, hands coming to rest on firm hips and this time the other woman begins to respond. Her tongue slips into Abby’s mouth and Abby hands move upward to tangle themselves in dark hair that she doesn’t remember being this curly. Soft hands push away Abby’s shirt and unhook her bra and then a warm mouth is on her breasts, sucking and teasing, swirling the nipples into hard little peaks and that’s new Abby thinks, and she wonders where her partner learnt these new tricks but she’s enjoying herself too much to care. Then there are hands underneath her skirt, doing something wonderful between her legs and Abby can’t help whining in pleasure. Long fingers, longer than she remembers, are thrusting into her and Abby jerks, breathing, “Kate,” as she comes.

Ziva lets her ride it out and Abby comes back to herself, and it’s then she sees only Ziva in front of her, and hot shame rises up in her. Ziva steps back and wipes her hand clean.

“I am sorry,” she says. “I am not Kate.” She turns and leaves and Abby, still half-naked and disheveled, watches her go, wishing it didn’t hurt so much that Ziva is so right.