Title: Collections
Author: imaginer8614
Rating: All
Character: Ziva
Word Count: 247
Genre: Inner-musings?
Summary: Ziva never had a collection.

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Tony collected DVDs, McGee computers, Abby tattoos and crosses. Even Gibbs had a collection of boats and tools. But Ziva never had a collection. As a Mossad officer, she traveled too much and never had a permanent place to put anything. Sure, she had an apartment, but she never was there. So instead of objects she collected facts and faces and favors. Nothing tangible. Sometimes she wishes she did. She tried to imagine what she would collect. Perhaps books—she normally used a library, she had no where to keep them—or antique knifes—to hard to get through customs—or even little trinkets from different countries. That was the thing, she traveled so much but she had little besides clothes from other countries. She even considers cats, to be an, what do Americans call them? Old cat ladies? But she highly doubted that would ever happen.

She is not even sure if she will ever settle down and buy a house. She had the money, but where would she live? Not Israel, not with her father there and all the memories. And violence, her house could get blown up and her collection ruined. America seemed safer, but what if her position was terminated again? Too many questions and too few answers she thought. But a collection to her represented stability. If you had a collection, you knew you were staying somewhere for a while. She would never have this stability, and she wasn’t even sure she wanted it.