Title: Creature of the Night
Author: Cassán
Author’s Email: Cassanlynx@yahoo.co.uk
Rating: R
Pairing: Ziva David / Abigail Sciuto
Category: Romance
Genre: Femslash
Summary: Ziva is sent to go watch over Abs…
Warning: Questionable consent, kink
Spoilers: set post 3.21 Bloodbath

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Author’s Notes: This is written for sweet greenovalfruit. It’s the outcome of asking a fluff girl to write non-con. *coughs softly*

Creature of the Night

She just went to get a new drink. But it’s difficult to get through the crowd this late. And suddenly there’s a hand on her shoulder. Stopping her. Pulling her away as her freshly bought Gibson falls to the floor. Tastes horrid anyway. But she loves to order it.


“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Gibbs told me to check on you. He wants to make sure there won’t be any accidents.”

“Incidents. And he sent you of all people?”

“So it would seem.”

“Well shoo. I don’t want you here.”

“Too bad. I don’t care. I’m on a mission, Abby. And I hate to fail. We’re much alike in that, yes?”

“I’m clubbing. What could possibly happen? My… my friends are around. If I need help I can call them over.”

“Does that mean that they would mind if I did this?”

She feels the hand slide down until it rests on her hip. Feels the other join, trail up her body.

“You wouldn’t dare…”

“Oh really?”

The grip tightens. The second hand in her hair now. Catching two of those small braids that were such a hassle to plait.

They won’t mind. Because they won’t notice.

“I’ll tell Gibbs.”

“Do that. I’ll tell him that I had to drag you away because you were drunk and I couldn’t separate you from some sleazy guy.”

“He’d never believe your word over mine.”

Her smirk turns playful. Almost cruel.

“Oh you’d like to bet on that, Abs?”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Why not Abs? Because it’s what your beloved Gibbs calls you? What your sweet little Tony boy says? Oh and that puppy Timmy? They’re cute, I’ll give you that. You have them well trained. But you know what? I don’t accept any orders from you. Not at work. And not here.”

Ziva moves in closer. Whispers right into her ear.

“I bet I could take you up against the wall in this place. And they’d watch. No one would move a finger to help you. No one would say a word. They’d stand there and watch and think that it’s hot. And the more you struggle the more it’d turn them on.”


“What is it my dark angel? Or is Mikel the only one who gets to call you that?”

The grip on her arm becomes painful.

“It was really naughty of you not to tell us about that…”

“It’s… it’s none of your business. Gibbs…”

“… isn’t here. And really? I wouldn’t care if he was. Imagine him in the crowd. Think he’d stop me? Or do you think he’d stand there and think that it’s a dream come true? That he’d love to *join*. Tony would. And Timmy too. Though he’d never dare to tell you. They all like girls you know… and two girls are better than one.”

She’s right. Damn how many times did Tony tell her how much he’d like to see her with Kate? How he’d enjoy seeing Ziva and her french…?

The wall is hard and cool and unrelenting. It’ll leave a mark against her back. Like Ziva’s teeth will on her neck. On her collar bone. Oh damn. She can’t moan now. Anything. But she can’t make any sound. No whimpering. No pleading. And please, please, please… no moaning.

Of course she tied her hair back. Neatly, no strand to hold on to. No strand to hold her back and keep her from what she’s doing. She’s planned this. And Ziva is always well prepared. She rarely fails… ever.

“Come on, baby. Just scream and draw attention to us. You don’t want them to miss this, do you?”



“This isn’t some game.”

“Oh I agree. It’s not a game.”

Ziva’s smirk is naughty. Seductive.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to get my hands on you? Wipe that frown from your face? Make you whisper my name as you come? Over and over and over?”

“I won’t…”

“Oh but you will. Think I should use my fingers? Or do you prefer getting licked? What do you guys call it? Lip service? Very fitting you know.”

“Well don’t be such a godamn tease if you want to go through with…”

“You still don’t get it, my little vampire. You are not in control. You don’t boss me around. You are mine to treat as I see fit.”


“Regret this in the morning. I know, I know… or maybe I won’t. Care to guess how many girls and guys spilled their guts because they wanted me to take them? Do you know how many times I’ve seen this needy look? Heard pleas to just do it? And you my princess, you’ll be there in no time. Cause you always wanted this…”

She shakes her head. And Ziva pinches her thigh… hard.


“Try lying to me again and I might give you a spanking… you like it rough, yes?”


She bites her lip.

“Oh we’ll get there next time.”

“Next time?”

“You didn’t think I’d just let you go, did you?”

The hand on her hip pushes up her skirt. And then she feels Ziva’s fingers on her slip. Soft, rubbing, massaging. Not even bothering to undress her for her little game. And she struggles though she knows Ziva wants her to. She’s never been a pliant little sub. And she won’t just let this happen without a fight.

Ziva just chuckles when she bites her. Takes the hand off her braids and sneaks it beneath her top.

“I knew you’d like biting, little vampire. Suck my blood? Or would you rather… oh not tonight.”

Damn she just won’t come from someone rubbing her through her panties. She’s not that needy. But she does suck some blood. Taking taste samples is always good. And she hears a moan. Soft. But it’s there. And she’s about to curse. Before she realizes that it’s not hers. Before the hand on her clit suddenly stops and leaves her wanting. Before the hand playing with her bra ceases its movement. And damn her for coming before she did.

She actually holds her. Steadies her. Hears her whisper.

“You’re so… you’re so hot, Abs.”


“I thought you don’t want this… what happened to the ‘you’ll regret this’.”

She takes Ziva’s hand and pushes it back in place. Glares at her.

“You don’t get me wet and stop when I am.”

“Not in control, Abs. Remember? I think we’ll take this home.”


That’d be… at least twenty minutes. To her place anyway.

“Yes. I’m sure you’ll like my bedroom. Imagine the fun you’ll have once I’ve tied you up. How you’ll moan and struggle against your cuffs. How I’ll spread your legs apart. How you’ll beg and plead for me to pull down your slip so I can lick you. How I’ll strip you. And how I’ll tie up your legs so you can’t move. At all. How I’ll massage your thighs while I push into you with my tongue…”

Oh damn. Damn. Damn. Damn her for making her come by putting images into her head.

“Such a kinky girl, my little bat.”

And she allows Ziva to drag her along. Doesn’t say bye to those drinking buddies she brought along. Probably passed out by now anyway. So it doesn’t really matter.

She shivers when they get outside. Cause it’s damn cold. And she wants to curl into her casket and sleep. And not be embarrassed that Ziva made her come by putting her hand between her legs and images into her head.

“Hey vampire.”


She feels an arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t feel bad. I’ve been trained to make people admit that they want me.”

“But why…”

They reach what she recognizes as Ziva’s car. And she wants to go play shotgun. But Ziva holds her back.

Kisses her.

“I really like kinky girls, my creature of the night. And I really wanted you from the day we first met.”