Title: A Big Jumble
Author: demoka
Authorís Email: demoka's LJ
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ziva/Abby/Kate
Word Count: 385
Summary: It's tough being in a threesome...
Warnings: does biting need a warning?

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"Wait. Try lying down instead..." Ziva suggested.

"No wait, let me move over here... Ow!!! Watch out!" Abby frowned as she rubbed the spot where her head now throbbed.

"Hold it! We obviously need to practice," stated Kate, placing a hand on both of her lovers.

Abby and Ziva gave her looks of despair. She kissed them both in comforting hugs. Sitting back on her haunches, Kate directed Ziva to lay back first on their king sized bed, "Ziva, love. Lie back on the bed, in the middle. Rest your head on the pillows. Abby, I would like for you to lie on the right and I shall take the left. I believe a team effort will prove more successful than a one for all and all for one approach."

"Wow Kate, you sure make this sound like a mission!" exclaimed Abby, following instructions, but adding her own touch by tweaking Ziva's left nipple.

Ziva arched up slightly, glaring at Abby for teasing. She was about to add a demand for more touching but Kate intervened by kissing her gently. Kate released Ziva's mouth only to let Abby take over and they shared a quick glance to confirm their next actions. Kate let Abby take the lead, mirroring her dark haired lover's hands drifting down, sliding up Ziva's legs and caressing hips and taut stomach. Ziva shifted impatiently, Abby and Kate massaged her breasts in response and were rewarded with a pleased moan.

Abby's other hand drifted over Ziva's eyes, encouraging them to close. Ziva moaned again as she felt what she believed to be Kate's teeth nibbled and then bite down on her shoulder. Abby sucked hard at her neck and she felt a pair of hands on her mound. Fingers pretended to tap at a keyboard, it was a ticklish sensation. She bucked her hips, yet again impatient. Kate's low chuckle sent a thrill down her spine.

Ziva's lower lips were engulfed in a hot, eager mouth and another pair of soft lips licked her clit and the four hands restarted their roaming of the plane of her body. In minutes, Abby and Kate had shot her to the sky with ecstacy, then catching her with gentle licks. This was one of the many rhythms they managed to create in their time together.