Title: A Letter
Author: barbossas_wench
Author’s Email: barbossas_wench
Rating: R-ish (for now)
Pairing: Jenny/Ziva
Genre: Pre-Slash/Slash
Word Count: 460
Summary: Later that same night, Jenny found a letter tucked under her pillow before she went to bed.
Sequel to: First Meeting I & II, Nights, & Undercover

Author's Disclaimer: I own nothing. DPB pwns all, I am mearly a fan. All I share in common with any of this is my name is Jennifer. Though, if anyone tried to call me Jenny, I'd kick their ass. :)

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Later that same night, Jenny found a letter tucked under her pillow before she went to bed.


I am sorry to have had to leave you like this. No doubt you will be very angry with me when I return. 

Director David has arranged for me to be ‘sold’ to Sheikh Asad al Sayyid for a Bride Price. I am to settle into his Harem for an unspecified amount of time, plant a bug in his personal computer and see what information I can get out of him on my own.

I can honestly say I hope I am not there too long. Asad is not my idea of a ‘fun time’ as you Americans say.

I beg of you, do not wander too far while I am gone. I understand if you should need to go to the Embassy for meetings, but please keep a low profile. I do not know if you have noticed or not, but none of the women of our building speak any English. If you need anything, go to Khepri, she lives on the first floor and is also the land-lady. In fact, when you need food from the market, ask her as well. She can send her girl to get it.

Once more I will say I am sorry for this, but never again; I do not make a habit of apologizing. I had no choice in how this was carried out. I know Director David angers you, but he is a complicated man and few understand him. Not even his daughter does at times.

I have hidden my Star of David necklace in the matchbox beside the stove top. Please keep it safe for me; it is very dear to my heart. Now I must hurry if I am to be gone when you return. Please do not do anything foolish while I am gone, I expect to be greeted by a very pissed off red—I think I should stop while I am ahead.

The tears came again as her fingers traced her lips, remembering the kisses they had shared. She concluded that Ziva had meant to be gone when she returned home, and that hurt.

She re-read the letter, trying to read what was said between the lines as well. It would appear even Ziva had issues with her Father. On the one hand that pleased a dark part of Jenny’s soul, but it also saddened her. She also wondered if a part of Ziva was scared to go into the desert alone, with no back-up; Jenny sure as Hell was. 

As she read the last line over once more before turning out the light, she had to chuckle to herself. Was everyone turned on by redheads?