Title: Paris, Part Deux Chapter Cing
Author: barbossas_wench
Author’s Email: barbossas_wench@livejournal.com
Rating: HARD R pushing NC-17
Pairing: Jenny/Ziva
Genre: Slash
Word Count: 2,326
Summary: “I can not believe I am standing here, with you. It is like a dream.”
Warning: Okay, folks, we’re getting into the dirty stuff now. Consider yourself warned!

Author's Disclaimer: I own nothing, DPB pwns all, I am merely a fan. All I share in common with any of this is my name is Jennifer. However if anyone tried to call me Jenny, I’d attempt to kick their ass. ;)

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For the first time in a long time Ziva actually slept in. Of course, it had ended up being a rather long night. She smiled to herself as she rolled and stretched in the King size bed, luxuriating in sheets with a thread count so high it was obscene. She finally crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom. After that was taken care of she went to the living room, looking for Jenny; a small frown on her face until she found the two roses on the coffee table; one red and one yellow. Smiling she picked them up, along with the folded piece of paper beside them


I wonder if you remember what these two colors mean together? How you used to tease me about my ‘silly little flower’ hobby! Of course, you do have a photographic memory, so you probably do remember!

Anyway, I just stepped out to run a few errands; I’ll be back with breakfast shortly.



Ziva chuckled as she ran the soft roses down between her breasts to her belly and back. She used to tease the American woman mercilessly about her hobby, the language of flowers. She walked to the large French doors that opened onto the little balcony facing the Eiffel Tower. She pulled them open, and her only concession to her nudity was to not walk out onto the balcony. She stood, leaning against the door jamb, filmy white curtains blowing back over her.

The door opened and closed behind her and she fought hard to not whip around in a defensive stance. She was rewarded by a soft curse and the sound of bags falling to the floor.

“Red and yellow together, they mean joy and happiness, no?” She turned slowly to look at the redhead across the room. “Or have I forgotten?” She gave a little pout, so unlike her usual self.

Jenny was across the room, Ziva’s head in her hands, “Excitement, you forgot excitement.” Her mouth was on the Israeli’s tongue demanding entrance. When finally they broke, both women panting Ziva chuckled, running the flowers across Jenny’s cheek.

“No, I did not forget, I was just teasing you.” She winked.

Jenny tweaked one of her nipples, “Damn you, David, you play dirty pool.” She leaned forward to suckle the skin of Ziva’s throat.

“Dirty pool?” Her tone was confused and Jenny chuckled.

“It’s another bad American saying, it means you cheat.”

Chuckling Ziva led her back to the sofa. “What did you bring me for breakfast? I am starving. A girl can not live on bread, fruit and cheese alone.”

“Wine, you forgot the wine.” Jenny smiled, picking up the bags. She began pulling containers and setting them on the coffee table along with silverware and napkins.

“What is in that bag?” Ziva pointed to the one, large bag Jenny slid off to one side.

Jenny gave a feral grin, “That is for latter.”

She opened the first container, “Real, homemade Greek yoghurt,” She set a spoon in it, handing it over to Ziva. The next container, “Granola.” A re-closeable bag, “Dates.” And as she opened a bakery bag, she pulled out bagels, lox, and strawberry cream cheese and presumably for later, baklava.

Ziva moaned in delight as she sprinkled the granola on her yoghurt. “Jenny, you spoil me.”

Jenny’s smile was soft and gentle, “Someone has to, Ziva.” She pushed a lock of hair back over Ziva’s ear.

She blushed and looked down and away, her reply was to pick up one of the sticky dates and feed it to Jenny, moaning as Jenny suckled her fingers clean.

Jenny took the bowl of yoghurt from Ziva and sat back in the sofa, settling Ziva with her. She began to feed the younger woman and after every few bites she took one for herself. Ziva then began to feed her the dates; they split a bagel, lox for Ziva, strawberry cream cheese for Jenny. They washed it down with one bottle of Evian.

Ziva sat across Jenny’s lap, her cheek resting on her shoulder while Jenny combed her fingers through her hair. “That was wonderful, thank you.” Her fingers were idly tracing patterns along the skin above the waistline of Jenny’s jeans.

Jenny smiled, “You’re welcome. I thought it would be nice to have some of your old favorites.”

A contented sigh was her response.

“I took the liberty of checking you out of your hotel. Thanks to Jethro, I was granted clearance to your room and packed your stuff for you; they’ll be sending your bag over this afternoon.” She swallowed, “I hope that’s okay?”

A soft chuckle, “Of course, it is more then okay.” She moved her mouth to Jenny’s jugular, suckling and nibbling, “What did you bring me, in the bag?”

Jenny’s gut twisted in arousal, the Hebrew making Ziva’s question sound even more erotic.

“I-----Well------you reminded me of something last night. Something I haven’t done in a long time…..” Her voice trailed off, embarrassment and excitement battling on her face.

Ziva slid down, stretching her lithe body to reach the bag. She pulled it to her and began pulling tissue-wrapped items out. The first thing she unwrapped was a large, black dildo. “Why Jenny, it’s nice to know some things never change; black.” She rubbed her cheek against the peach-skin like material.

Jenny flushed as only a redhead could.

Next came a harness for the dildo, leather, also black with silver buckles. Ziva purred in delight, leaning forward to nip Jenny’s ear as she pulled the bottle of lube from the bag. “I am so pleased to see my Little One is still as dirty as ever. Put it on for me?”

Jenny moaned, “I’ll be right back.” She grabbed the two new items and nearly ran to the bathroom.

Chuckling to herself, Ziva headed back to the bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to Jenny curse as she tried to put the new harness on.

“Would you like some help?”

Jenny groaned at the teasing lilt to Ziva’s voice. “No, it’s just been a long time…..”

When she emerged from the bathroom she was wearing the bra from the night before and her jeans. Ziva looked her up and down, confused for a moment to see her back in her jeans, then she noticed the top button undone and the bulge between her legs.

“Oh, Jenny,” She was up and across the room, her hand splayed down across Jenny’s ‘cock’.

The older woman whimpered, pressing into Ziva’s palm already aroused. She put her hands to Ziva’s shoulders, pushing her back towards the bed and pushing her down before climbing atop her. She straddled her hips, grinding down against her and smiling when the younger woman wrapped her legs around her waist, pulling her down with all of her considerable force. Ziva rolled Jenny over onto her back, reversing their positions. She kissed, suckled and nipped her way down to Jenny’s breasts, all while humping the bulge in her pants.

“I’m going to give you a blow job, Little One. That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Her nails dragged down Jenny’s torso as she slowly made her way down the red head’s body. Her fingers slowly unzipped her jeans, tugging them down to reveal just the top of the black harness over Jenny’s pubic bone. She nipped and sucked the skin there before carefully pulling Jenny’s pants all the way off her legs. She took the dildo in her hands, stroking it as if it were a man under her.

Jenny whimpered, thrusting her hips up to meet Ziva’s hand. “I-----I doubt I’ll be able to last ungh…..” She nearly lost it as Ziva’s fingers slid down between her thighs, dipping into the wetness they found there.

Ziva smiled, “Good. I would be upset if you’d learned some restraint. I’d want to know her name so I could kill her.” Her eyes glinted and met Jenny’s as she sat up on her elbows to watch the younger woman.

“No one, Ziva. No woman since we parted.” She swallowed hard.

Ziva’s expression was possessive as she flipped her hair out of the way and slowly lowered her mouth to the black dildo before her.

Jenny’s breath quickened as she watched Ziva’s tongue slip out, licking the head of her dick. Then she slowly suckled it into her mouth, her hand held the base steady, pressing down with a bit more force then she would on a man. The pressure served a purpose here, arousing Jenny further. The two women began to build up a familiar rhythm, Ziva slowly engulfing the black dildo before her, Jenny thrusting up to her face. It wasn’t long before Jenny’s thrusts became more frantic, she’d fallen back on the bed, writhing under her lover’s mouth.

Ziva released the dildo from her mouth with a wet pop, “Little One, I know you want it, come in my mouth…” Her mouth engulfed the dildo once more and Jenny’s body arched under her.

Jenny came harder then she’d come in years. Being sucked off by Ziva was a sensation she could never duplicate after they’d parted ways. Slowly her body came down off its high and she realized that Ziva’s mouth was further down between her thighs, licking up her juices that were soaking into the bed under her. When she was done, Ziva climbed back up, throwing a leg across Jenny and slowly sinking onto the dildo. She let her head fall back, her hair tickling Jenny’s thighs.

“Mummmmmm, I think I have always preferred to give blow jobs to you, Little One. You are so much more appreciative then a man.” Her eyes glittered with pleasure. She leaned forward, taking both nipples in her hand through the fabric of her bra and tweaking hard. She was rewarded by the dildo in her pushing up even higher.

“Zee-vah, you’re so fucking tight.”

She grinned, her first warning. She leaned down, her hair pooling across the older woman’s chest. She took a nipple between her teeth and worried it gently before sucking it between her lips; just as she was about to release it to see to the second nipple she bit down, hard.

ZIVA!” Jenny bucked under her, gasping at the sensations.

Ziva chuckled at her, slowly sitting up making tisk-ing sounds to her. “My, my, it has been a long time, no?” Her hands splayed across Jenny’s ribcage to steady herself as she began to ride the older woman.

Jenny could only whimper in response.

Ziva rode her hard, her young, muscular body in it’s prime. Her hips had a fluid motion to them and the long muscles of her thighs slid over Jenny like silk. Jenny’s hands held her hips, fingers bruisingly strong, guiding her down on her cock and Ziva let a hand slide down to her clit, fingers working to help her to completion.

“Oh God, Baby, you are so fucking tight.”

Ziva purred in response. Jenny could tell when she was close, her whole body tensing up, she ground down hard and then fell forward onto the redhead, her hips bucking with every contraction. Ziva pressed her hips down once more, as hard as she could pinning the older woman to the bed and gave a tired gasp as she felt the red head come again. It wasn’t as strong as the first time, but it was another orgasm.

Their breathing slowed as the late morning air moved over them.

“You are still the sexiest woman I have ever known, Little One.” Ziva’s voice was hoarse. She slid off Jenny, giving a mewl of protest as the dildo slid from her body, their lower torsos were sticky. She moved down the older woman slowly, beginning to unbuckle the harness. Her fingers were gentle and her lips caressed the skin that had been pinched and was now red and angry. “I am sorry; I should not have been so rough.”

Jenny moaned in protest. “No, Ziva. I wanted it. I needed it.” She gave a long sigh of pleasure as Ziva’s tongue traced what would become a lovely bruise. “It’s been so long since I was able to let go like this.”

“It is hard for you, no?” Ziva asked as she gently removed the leather harness and dildo, setting it aside on the nightstand.

Jenny swallowed and nodded, “Yes, it is. It’s true what they say; it’s lonely at the top.”

Ziva slithered back up Jenny’s body, cuddling the shorter woman to her. “It does not have to be.” She brushed brilliant red hair back from her face.

Jenny closed her eyes, shook her head, “Ziva, I appreciate what you’re offering, but I can’t. I can’t let this become more then what it is, a lovely vacation.”

Ziva’s expression was hurt but she said nothing. She knew Jenny had more to say.

“I couldn’t allow that kind of gossip to get out. It’s bad enough half the agency is speculating about Jethro and I, I couldn’t do that to you.”

“I think I am old enough and strong enough to take care of myself don’t you? I am not a trained assassin for nothing.”

Jenny rolled over in her arms to look at her, “Do you honestly want to give Tony something more to ride you about?” She asked.

Ziva laughed, “Jenny, please, you do not think I can handle Tony?! I could wipe the floor with him. Not to mention, I have my own suspicions about him. He should be more careful about the way he looks at Gibbs when he thinks no one is looking.” She winked at Jenny.

Jenny let out a short laugh, “Tony!? Watches Gibbs!?”

“More specifically, he watches Gibbs’ ass.” She sounded pleased with herself.

The two women chuckled together as they relaxed back into the bed. It was going to be a long, pleasurable day.