Title: Show me the way Author: Nepeace
Skills Challenge: Single character reflection upon an event either occurring on the show or referred to on the show. 500-700 words.
Word Count: 540
Events: 3x19 Iced
Summary: Ziva teaches Abby how to shoot a gun properly...and more?
Rating: PG13

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Show me the way

Ziva watched as Abby fired a gun into 'the water tank' so that she could compare the bullet. “You're doing it wrong.” Ziva had said; “Here let me show you.” At first Abby thought that Ziva had made that comment to belittle her. But Ziva had looked sincere in her offer to help Abby. She looked up at Abby with an expectant smile. Abby had smiled back and Ziva stepped closer to her, close enough for full body contact.

Ziva had positioned herself behind Abby, her hand slowly traveling down her upper leg, sliding it backwards. “Okay, if you slide your heel further back it’ll decrease your exposure.” Decreasing my exposure, who says I want to decrease my exposure. Abby thought to herself purposely misunderstanding Ziva but not saying a word. As far as the two of them concerned this was the first time that Ziva tried to get closer to her, instead of the other way around. Up until now Abby had thought that Ziva didn't like her, she had always seemed so distant and professional.

Gently, Ziva guided Abby's body into a better position. Abby smiled. For a woman as tough as Ziva she sure had a gentle way of touching her.

“Won’t that throw off my lateral balance?” She had asked Ziva, to show her that she did know what she was talking about. After all, balance was important. Although it might not seem that way. She was a forensic specialist, not a special agent. Knowing how to shoot was not necessary for her. And as long as she fired into 'the water tank' no one was complaining about how she did it.

“Balance isn’t usually the primary concern on a mission.” One hand was wrapped around her body resting just above her left hip. She could feel Ziva's hot breath on her neck, it made the little hairs on her scalp raise. A shiver went down her spine.

“What is?” She asked pretty sure that the answer would be something so obvious that she could have guessed it herself. But right now her mind seemed blank, she really couldn't form a comprehensive sentence.

She was sure that neither she nor Ziva had heard Gibbs come in when he suddenly spoke up. Of course knowing Gibbs she should have expected that he would turn up just at the right moment to ruin a perfect situation. After all she had called him and told him that she had some results for him, and as usual it never took long for him to arrive at the lab.

“The guy shooting back. Which is what I’m going to start doing if you two don’t get back to work.” Gibbs voice startled them both.

Abby felt Ziva flinch, as did she but she didn't show it. She was glad that Ziva and she finally seemed to get a little closer. Of course Gibbs was right, but her machines never shot back and she wasn't trained to be in a situation where someone would be shooting back at her. Even though she herself had been shot at, she tried to get rid of the thoughts that came into her mind. Way too dark and depressing!

Slash or not!

I am pretty sure we all know this scene that I wrote this Character reflection for. It is the scene in Iced where Ziva shows Abby how to shoot a gun. The scene is pretty slashy so when I wrote this character reflection it was pretty slashy. But because of the scene in NCIS I did not feel the need to write down a warning. So yes my story might imply slash but so did the scene on the show at least according to me. :P

Do you think I should have or not? I was wondering about that because someone was complaining about the fact that there wasn't a warning for femmeslash.