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Pairing: Alex/Olivia, Sara/Sofia, Sara/Wendy, Olivia/Casey, Natalia/Calleigh
Fandom: SVU/CSI/Miami
Summary: 10 drabbles. 1000 words. 5 pairings. 3 shows.

Disclaimer: The stories are mine, characters are not.

Author’s Notes: Curious to explore the loveliness of 100-word-drabbles, I came up with a collection of these. Since I’m primarily focused on Sara/Sofia/Olivia pairings, these drabbles gave me the opportunity to expand a little and put down a few pairings I usually very much like to read, but never before decided to write myself. I hope you like it. Also, reluctant to put a rating on the drabbles, I’ll just say some of them might be deemed as “naughty”, but then again, we’re pretty much all grown ups in here

Title: Afterglow
Pairing: Olivia/Alex (SVU)
Word count: 110

“You wouldn't happen to have a cigarette, would you?”

Olivia’s head shot up, “You smoke?”

“No,” Alex made a face at the woman sitting on the other side of the bed, tangled up in her sheets, “but I could so use one right now,” she confessed.

Olivia regarded her for a brief moment and then confusion turned into amusement as her mouth stretched out in a cheeky grin. “It was that good, huh?”

“Don’t you dare gloat, detective.” Alex gave her a playful glare.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” was Olivia’s response as she shifted from her corner and then moved towards the other woman on her hands and knees.

Title: Saved by the bell
Pairing: Olivia/Alex (SVU)
Word count: 105

The elevator took forever to reach the lobby. Olivia flexed her fingers, and then balled them into tight fists. The blonde’s perfume and her proximity were driving her stark crazy.

“I love your jacket,” Alex said, making Olivia look down her body and at the leather coat she was wearing.

“Thank you.”

“It shows off your figure nicely.”

Olivia swallowed.

“But tell me,” Alex turned to look straight into detective’s eyes, “would it be too presumptuous of me to say I’d much rather see you naked, sweaty and panting?”

Olivia’s jaw dropped.

Alex smirked, “Yes, I thought so.”

The elevator doors opened with a ding.

Title: Under the influence
Pairing: Olivia/Alex (SVU)
Word count: 100

It wasn’t the first time Olivia had to be Alex’s designated driver, but this time it was 3AM and it wasn’t fun to drive across town with five inches of snow on the streets.

The bartender greeted the detective with a knowing smile, taking careful notice of Olivia’s bed head and clothes that were put on in a hurry.

“Alexandra, your hot piece of lady detective is here,” the bartender shouted over the room to the only person left in the bar.

All Alex could do was lift her head from the table and offer her lover a drunken grin.

Title: Negotiation skill
Pairing: Sara/Sofia (CSI)
Word count: 101

The man slammed the door right in Sofia’s face, startling her.

“Let me try.” Sara knocked and when the door opened again she began: “Hi. Let’s not allow this to escalate into the good cop/bad cop routine because, a) I’m not a cop and b) even though she is,” she pointed at Sofia, “I’m pretty sure she’d kick your ass for what you just did. And I’d totally let her.”

Taking a moment to reconsider, the man stepped aside letting them in.

“I should kick your ass for this,” Sofia whispered in Sara’s ear.

Sara shrugged, “You wouldn’t find me objecting.”

Title: Office relationships
Pairing: Sara/Wendy (CSI)
Word count: 100

“Mandy.” Sara’s smile was wide and bright.

“No.” The lab tech dismissed Sara smoothly from her seat behind the computer screen.

“I haven’t even said anything.”

“I’m sure I know why you’re here.” Mandy looked up at the tall CSI, “You have something that needs to be processed ASAP and you need me to clear the decks for it.” Sara’s smile grew bigger. “Your charm may work on Hodges, Greg, Archie and Wendy, but not on me.”

“Ah come on…” Sara whined then stopped short. “Wait.” Suddenly, she beamed again, “It works on Wendy?”

Mandy gave her a deadpan look.

Title: PDA
Pairing: Olivia/Casey (SVU)
Word count: 101

Casey groaned when her back got pressed against the hard wooden door of her apartment building. The detective’s lips sealed against her own and she felt lightheaded. Olivia’s hands were everywhere, completely uncaring that they were still very much in public. Just like she imagined it would be in many daydreams she had, Olivia’s kiss was all passion and glory.

“Would you like to come in?” The young ADA was breathless and turned on beyond belief.

One of Olivia’s perfect eyebrows arched at Casey’s offer as she bit her bottom lip. “I thought you’d never ask,” the detective breathed out.

Title: Early morning
Pairing: Sara/Sofia (CSI)
Word count: 100

Reaching over, Sara’s fingers found a smooth plane of Sofia’s naked back. The CSI smiled, her eyes still enclosed in slumber, and moved to snuggle closer to the blonde’s lean frame. The detective slept soundly, her lips slightly parted and so very inviting to what Sara craved them for every moment of her waking day. Licking her lips first, Sara dipped her head so she could reach Sofia’s face that lay peacefully against the pillow.

“I love you.” Sara whispered to the sleeping woman who, Sara hoped, dreamed dreams of her, and then planted a soft kiss against Sofia’s temple.

Title: Plea bargain
Pairing: Olivia/Alex (SVU)
Word count: 100

“Just so you’d know, detective,” Alex barked from her seat on her thousand dollar plush chair, “you are being held in contempt!”

Olivia gave her a weird look from the doorway. “Because I’m late?”


“You are so sexy when you’re mad, Alex.” Olivia quipped then shrugged off her jacket.

ADA crossed her arms over her chest. “Nothing you say can make me less angry at this moment.”

Moving across the room in her almost trademarked leisure swagger, Olivia walked over to Alex. Hovering over the pouty assistant district attorney, Olivia cooed, “So, how ‘bout I just kiss you instead?”

Title: Tattletale
Pairing: Natalia/Calleigh (CSI Miami)
Word count: 100

Natalia found it so hard to hide the smile that persistently tugged on her lips. Ever since the petite blonde ballistic expert walked into her lab, Boa Vista was acting like a teenager.

“What’s so funny,” Calleigh finally asked with an exasperated sigh.

Natalia shrugged with a devilish grin. “Nothing.”

Calleigh narrowed her eyes at her colleague, “Is this about what I said to Ryan the other day after three cocktails too many?”

Natalia beamed, “You think I’m cute!”

The blonde’s face clouded over. “That boy better learns how to keep his mouth shut before I shut it for him.”

Title: Odds Pairing: Sara/Sofia (CSI) Word count: 100

Greg and Nick made a bet some time ago. Sanders found it outrageously funny when Nick said Sofia and Sara were ‘totally doing it’, so they agreed on a bet to make it more interesting.

“What crawled up her ass this morning?” Greg scrunched up his nose at Sara when he saw Sofia swoop past them with all hell’s fury.

“Don’t ask.”

Only a moment later, Sofia returned, and stepping in front of Sara slapped her across the face.

“What was that?!” Greg gasped.

“That, my friend,” Sara stroked the burning cheek, “was the sound of you losing your money.”