Title: Explosion
Author: Cj
Email: ceej4@yahoo.com
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Archive: Sure, just please let me know where so I can visit
Notes: Just a drabble

Her voice is lava, coarse and smoldering, and Kelly just knows that in the heat of passion, Tracey's voice would be the push that would send the blonde beyond the ledge and into freefall. She imagines all too often what the older ADA would feel like under her hands, wonders if the hidden skin is as pale as what the world sees, speculates whether she would laugh when the tendrils of curls caressed her bare stomach. Tracey is a contradiction, Kelly feels, because the brunette can be a volcano of furor, spouting legalize easier than her native tongue, yet settle into grace without a whimper. Kelly believes she could bring forth such sounds if only given the opportunity, and she waits patiently until she can release the explosion the natural side-effect of their chemistry.