Title: Melting
Author: Cj
Email: ceej4@yahoo.com
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Archive: Sure, just please let me know where so I can visit
Notes: Just a drabble

She is champagne to Tracey's wine, a calming presence to balance her partner's tempestuous manner. Kelly is what Tracey wanted to be as a girl sweet and pure, virtuous and bold but the older ADA suspects that hidden underneath her layered suits and colorful scarves Kelly is wild, untamed by the rules she lives by. It's in her gaze, a melting and x-ray blend that causes Tracey to envision long nights and late mornings. Her eyes are fire ice, clear and refreshing when she's happy, burning and damaging when she's angry. They are a color that appears everywhere the sky, the oceans, the earth. They are diamonds, and the brunette longs to see them as sapphires, sure that her deputy's eyes turn dark with arousal. Tracey believes in her own power and knows, given time, she will adorn herself with gems in all shades of blue.