Title: Lipstick Traces
Author: Cj
Email: ceej4@yahoo.com
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Not my characters
Archive: Sure, just please let me know where so I can visit
Notes: Just a drabble

She's porcelain and silk, hard eyes and honey voice, with a dangerous smile that can be all-at-once feral and intoxicating. She's dangerous in other ways, too a fact that Kelly has to keep reminding herself. But all it takes to remove the warning from her brain is a touch of Tracey's fingertips, even in the most innocent of circumstances. Reality, however, comes back to her when they are in court as the brunette tears the truth from the lies. She sits quietly, watching her boss control the eyes and hearts of those sitting with her, always wondering if the ferocity in which Tracey preys upon justice is the same passion she directs toward all things. Justice, Kelly thinks, would be traces of her lipstick on Tracey's thighs.