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First came the lovely ladies of Lifetime's The Division

The Division Cast
Photo courtesy of the Lifetime Division site
CD: Welcome to Frisked & Conquered. So who came up with the name?
Jinny: Those goofballs over at ShatterStorm did, but I kinda like it, ya know? The very first girliesmut site for The Division. Woohoo!
Nate: So why am I here?
Magda: You? Why am *I* here?
Kate: I don't think any of you would have the guts to hit on me.
Raina: Oh, I don't know, Captain. I think you've still got some fire in you.
Nate: *wanders off* Where'd I put that videocamera?

Then came the lovely ladies and dashing gents of CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI Cast Nick: *glancing back at Nate* Damn, he was cute. Wonder if he's taken?
Greg: No way, Nick! I'm the cuter one... I wanna shot at him!
Warrick: Is that all you can think about?
Catherine: At least the hookers are safe for a while.
Sara: Not around you and me, they aren't...
Grissom: *looks enigmatic & pained*
Sara: You mean constipated, right?
Catherine: And he is a pain...
Grissom: You know, I know flesh-eating beetles that are better behaved than the four of you...
Doc Robbins: I was thinking corpses myself...

::Nate comes back in, carrying the videocamera, and smiles flirtatiously at the men::

Grissom: Y'know, Nicky, he is kind of cute...
Brass: They got you, too, didn't they, Gris? We're doomed...

Followed by the lovely ladies of Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey Cast Dinah: This is so cool! We're on a ShatterStorm Productions archive!
Barbara: You do realize the extreme irony of the three of us being on a website with a bunch of cops...
Helena: Charming. Do we really wanna be here?
Dinah: Hello? Smutfest anyone?
Barbara: *arch look at Dinah* Do I even have to answer that question?

And finally, we couldn't forget some of New York's finest, the officers of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: SVU Cast Munch: Okay, how the hell did we all end up in the same place at the same time? Cops? Vigilantes? A CS unit? Something's up here. *glances around with a grin* Tho' there are some fine bodies to look at. Fin, my man, you are a godsend! I owe you bigtime for this.
Fin: *shrugs with a sly grin* I told you, man. I *know* things. I know people. I got connections.
Olivia: *licks lips and mutters* Mama wants a little sugar... *grins sheepishly* I mean, I haven't seen this much nakedness in one place in a while.
Alex: *blatantly ogles Olivia* As long as it's legal, I'm game for anything you are, Olivia.
Elliot: Why am I here again? I've got kids and a wife at home. I can't...
Olivia: Stabler, just shut up and live a little, hunh? Vicarious thrills and all that? You might even learn something to make Cathy happier. Who knows?
Cragen: *glances around* I think I'm gonna go talk to Dectective Brass. That might be safer than dealing with you. Elliot, you with me?
George: *stares at Greg, whose still drooling over Nate* You know, I've always wanted to study the ramifications of homoerotica on the psyche.
Elliot: Okay, even I know you need to get laid, Huang.
Munch: Anyone seen that new redhead in the building yet? *notices Alex* Hey, Alex, what're you still doing here?

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